Summer Announcements: August 17th-31st

GSA News:

  1. New GSA Website
  2. Register to Become a GSA Representative

Graduate Student Orientation:

  1. WOW Week
  2. International Graduate Student Orientation
  3. Graduate Diversity Orientation Program
  4. First Friends Program

Professional Development & Teaching Resources:

  1. UC Davis Internship and Career Center Announcements
  2. Teaching Consultations for Summer Session II Instructors
  3. Gain Teaching Experience With AggieMentors
  4. IDP Project for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. ELIPPS Policy Education and Skills Seminar 2015-16: Your Feedback Requested
  6. Shields Library Classes for Researching Biological/Agricultural/Environmental Science Topics
  7. 3-Day Graduate Writers’ Retreat: August 25-27
  8. 2016 – 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)
  9. SSRC Predissertation Fellowship Opportunities for Graduate Students

Campus Announcements: 

  1. Updated Graduate Student Guide
  2. SHIP Waiver Now Available
  3. Open Forums for Candidates for Student Disability Center Director
  4. TAPS Updates

GSA News:

1. New GSA Website

The GSA officers are pleased to announce the debut of our new, updated website. Check it out today at!

2. Register to Become a GSA Representative

Are you interested in representing your department at GSA Assembly Meetings? The 2015-16 registration form is available now at

Please note: all continuing representatives must fill out the registration form at the beginning of every school year.

Graduate Student Orientation:

1. WOW Week

All incoming graduate students are invited to participate in the Week of Orientation and Welcome (WOW), September 14 – 18, 2015. Preceeding WOW, UC Davis offers two shorter orientations for interested students: Graduate Diversity Orientation Program (GDOP) is September 9 – 11, and the International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO) is September 10 – 11. Students need to sign up for each orientation they wish to attend. More information is available here:

2. International Graduate Student Orientation

International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO) is a two-day orientation event September 10 – 11, 2015. All students are invited, particularly newly arrived international graduate students. The IGSO consists of a series of workshops, presentations and networking opportunities that will address issues and concerns specific to international students, such as:

  • Understanding the educational and cultural environment at UC Davis
  • Learning about services and resources of particular interest to international students and families, and
  • Connecting students and families to each other and the campus.

International graduate students will also have the opportunity to participate in the International Teaching Assistant Orientation- a required training program for new teaching assistants. Information about registering for IGSO is available here:

3. Graduate Diversity Orientation Program

New graduate students at UC Davis are invited to attend the Graduate Diversity Orientation Program (GDOP) on September 9 – 11, 2015. This orientation focuses on diversity issues in higher education and success in graduate school. GDOP engages students committed to diversity, with issues they may experience in their first year and the changing demographics at UC Davis, in California, and in the U.S. Through skill building workshops, interactive panels, and networking with diversity peers, faculty and staff, the GDOP prepares students to successfully navigate graduate school in their first year, balancing their commitments while becoming  themselves resources and advocates for a diverse and inclusive campus community. For further information, see

4. First Friends Program

The First Friends Program is a new program designed to help advanced degree students integrate into the UC Davis campus community. Make connections with graduate students already at UC Davis. The students who run the program, “the first frienders”, act as a mentor and most importantly as a friend to help you, the incoming students, excel in your transition process to UC Davis. As a participant in the First Friends Program, current graduate students from a wide range of intellectual and cultural backgrounds will serve as a mentor to helping you access academic resources on campus. Learn more about the program here:

Please note: Applications are due on August 30th, 2015 by midnight. Chosen applicants will be matched with continuing students in September so you’ll already have a friend upon your arrival in Davis!

Professional Development & Teaching Resources:

1. UC Davis Internship and Career Center Announcements

Career resources for master’s & Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral scholars

Summer drop-in advising now offered to graduate students and postdocs (Thursdays, 1:00pm to 3:00pm) in South Hall.

Need help with your account in Aggie Job Link? Want a final review of your LinkedIn profile? Have a simple question about your resume or cover letter?

Quick questions answered. No appointment necessary.

Make an Appointment. We are open this summer!

Need help getting started on career planning and setting goals or developing your resume, CV or cover letter? Want to hold a practice (mock) interview? Our career advisors work with master’s and Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral scholars who are interested in exploring careers both within and beyond academia. Schedule a 30 minute, confidential one-to-one appointment.

Call (530) 752-2258 (press 7 to speak with reception or leave a message) or email

Upcoming Fall ICC workshops and event

For additional events, company information sessions, and more information visit our calendar:   

Date Time Location/Registration Link Click on links below for more event  information
2-Sep 2:30pm-4:00pm Free, but registration is required Academic Job Search Series, Part I: An Inside Look at a Faculty Search Committee — with a faculty panel from UC Davis, CSU, Woodland Community College and Middlebury College
9-Sep 10:00am-4:00pm Free, but registration is required Academic Job Search Series, Part II: Preparing an Application and Teaching Portfolio — with the UC Davis Center for Educational EffectivenessCo-sponsored by GradPathways (Graduate Studies)
21-Sep 8:30am-4:00pm Free, but registration is required Getting a Jump Start on Your Job Search for Careers beyond Academia Co-sponsored by GradPathways (Graduate Studies
23-Sep 12:00pm-1:30pm #TBD, King Hall, UC Davis Law School Info Session: Presidential Management Fellowship — with Imron Bhatti, UC Davis Alumni and PMF Fellow
6-Oct 3:10pm-4:30pm 114 South Hall Career Planning and Job Search Resources for International graduate students & postdoctoral scholars
8-Oct 11:00am-2:00pm Quad (west lawn) UC Davis Study & Internship Abroad Fair— visit our table to learn more about graduate student funding opportunities through the UC Davis Research and Innovation Fellowships in Agriculture, and the Blum Center for Developing Economies
13-Oct 4:10pm-5:30pm 114 South Hall Using Social Media for your Job Search and Developing a Professional Profile — LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
14-Oct 10:00am-2:00pm Pavilion Fall Internship and Career Fair
20-Oct 4:10pm-5:30pm 114 South Hall How to Ace the Interview for Careers beyond Academia — in-person, online, phone and screening
21-Oct 4:10pm-5:30pm 229 South Hall Writing a Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letterfor Academic and Teaching Positions
27-Oct 1:10pm-2:30pm 114 South Hall Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter for Careers beyond Academia
29-Oct 4:10pm-5:30pm 2005 PES The Power of Networking and How to Do it Successfully — including preparing for the PhD Connector Networking event on Nov 18th
4-Nov 4:10pm-5:30pm 114 South Hall Starting Your Job Search — preparing a target company list and informational interviews
5-Nov 3:30pm-5:00pm 114 South Hall Successfully Negotiating a Position for Careers beyond Academia
18-Nov 5:30pm-8:00pm Free, but registrationrequired (opens Fall) PhD Connector — a networking event with UC Davis PhD STEM alumni from a broad range of careers
19-Nov 3:30pm-5:00pm 114 South Hall Info Session: California Science & Technology Policy Fellowship

Looking for a job or internship?

Search job postings on Aggie Job Link (AJL) using your Kerberos passphrase and UC Davis account (   

All master’s and Ph.D. students automatically have access to AJL. All you need to do is complete your profile, upload resumes and cover letters, search for positions and apply. 

For Postdoctoral Scholars, you can access AJL by creating an account, details here:

Want up-to-date information on our events and job postings? Join our email subscription. To subscribe to the Internship & Career Center’s graduate student & postdoctoral scholars emailing list, please visit: “gradcareers” and “subscribe”.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly being used by employers to review profiles and post jobs.

Join us! UC Davis Master’s, Ph.D. & Postdoc Career Connections

Closed LinkedIn group with over 1,000 members

UC Davis Master’s, Ph.D. & Postdoc Career Connections

Missed our workshops & panel discussions last year?

You can access a directory with links to audio recordings of the sessions, download handouts and view presentations from past workshops and events:

You must be a member of our UC Davis ICCMPP SmartSite to access these files. Click here for instructions on how to join the PDS SmartSite. If you do not follow the instructions, you will see an error such as “HTTP Status 403”. If you are logged into SmartSite and any of the links below do not work, please let us know

We audio record virtually all of our career preparation workshops. Some you may be particularly interested in are:

·        CV Writing and Cover Letters for Academic and Teaching Positions
·        Resume Writing for Careers beyond Academia
·        Finding and Making the Most Out of a Postdoc Position
·        Preparing for the Interview for Careers beyond Academia (includes screening, phone & skype)
·        Preparing the Academic Job Talk
·        I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?

We also held panel discussions and information sessions. Some of particular note this past year were:

·        Costs and Benefits of Parenting in the Academy with Dr. Mary Ann Mason and UC Davis panel discussion of programs and resources available to graduate students and scholars on campus.
·        Information session on the Los Rios Community College Faculty Internship Program with Dolly Green, Director, Human Resources & Employee Relations and Valerie Carrigan, Training & Development Specialist.
·        Preparing for a Government Position with Jamie White, Epidemiology Program, Sacramento County and Rose Stefani, US Bureau of Reclamation.
·        Negotiating Your First Position in a Career Beyond Academia with Brandy Burns, Monsanto; Steve Hahn, Dow Chemical; and Mark Sczerba, Roll Global.
·        Careers in…Academic Administration with UC Davis Mara Evans, Biology Academic Success Center; Rajagopal Gururajan, Innovation Access; Cleve Justis, Child Family Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship; and Molly McCarthy, Davis Humanities Institute.

And, much more…

2. Teaching Consultations for Summer Session II Instructors

Do you want to improve your student evaluations?

Are you writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy or making a teaching portfolio and want feedback?

Do you want to build a competitive CV?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, request a consultation with the Associate Instructor Teaching Consultants today! We still have spots available during Summer Session II. 

The Center for Educational Effectiveness offers free consultations to graduate students and postdocs to help improve their teaching effectiveness. You do not need to be a current TA or AI to benefit. TAs and AIs often find that their student evaluation scores go up after working with a teaching consultant because they can make changes before the course is over, and students appreciate their TA/AI’s extra effort. Working with a teaching consultant is great to include on a CV to demonstrate professional development in teaching

Consultation types available: 

  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Lesson Feedback – NEW! (get feedback on a lesson for your course, for a teaching demonstration, or to include in your teaching portfolio) 
  • Mid-Quarter Interview
  • Video Recording or Classroom Observation
  • Presentation Skills
  • General Consultation

Learn more and sign up by following this link.

3. Gain Teaching Experience With AggieMentors

Get Teaching Experience While Changing a High School Student’s Future

AggieMentors is looking for motivated and reliable graduate students mentoring 9-11 Grade high school students in the development of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and environmental science research projects.

The research project will be guided by faculty advisors and should align with the graduate students’ own research expertise. Mandatory mentorship workshop participation and two monthly meetings with the high school student are required.

Students will gain teaching experience, add to their resume, and receive three units of internship credits.

Program Timeframe: October 2015 through May 2016

For more information and an application, please contact Pia van Benthem,

4. IDP Project for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dear Humanities and Social Sciences Colleagues:

As members of the Graduate Career Consortium, we are keenly interested in helping PhD students in the humanities and social sciences engage in the processes of professional development, career exploration, and planning and to identify a broad array of career paths suitable for PhDs in these fields.  As part of this effort, we are in the process of developing an online tool, modeled after the highly successful myIDP for the sciences.

This tool contains an array of career possibilities with unobstructed paths from the PhD (i.e. not requiring additional academic degrees or academic training, although on-the-job training may be appropriate in some cases).   An equally important component of this tool is its goal setting application that enables the user to map out next steps for career and professional development.  As career exploration and goal setting are iterative processes, the project aims to provide a starting point rather than to facilitate closure on the career decision making process.

We are seeking your opinion on a suitable name.  In our original voting process, six names (see below) were selected.  In this run-off vote, we are hoping to identify a name that appeals to current and future PhDs in the humanities and social sciences.   Please review the list below and follow the link to cast your vote of the name you find most suitable:

  • CAP (Career Assessment and Planner) for PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • IDP Builder: a Career Exploration Tool for Humanities and Social Sciences PhDs
  • ImaginePhD: a Career Planning Tool  for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mapping Your PhD: a Career Planning Tool for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • morph.d.: a Career Planning Tool for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • PDP: a Professional Development Planner for Humanities and Social Sciences

Please follow this link to cast your vote:

Thank you for your assistance in this process.  We look forward to unveiling the final name in the near future.

Best wishes,

Teresa Dillinger, UC Davis, IDP Project Chair
Josephine Moreno, UC Davis, Sponsorship Development Group Chair
Sarah Peterson, Emory University, Career Paths Group Chair
Precious Robinson, UCLA, Skills, Interests, and Values Group Chair

5. ELIPPS Policy Education and Skills Seminar 2015-16: Your Feedback Requested

Dear ELIPPSers,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in learning about public and science policy and exploring various career paths in both public/science policy and public service. As some of you know that in the last 18 months I have held Emerging Leaders in Policy and Public Service (ELIPPS) workshops in collaboration with our partners and some of you have heard from various politicians, committee analysts, lobbyists, staffers from think tanks, non governmental organizations, members of Congress and CA legislature on the skills needed to excel in such careers and the possible opportunities. We also added an internship component to the ELIPPS program this summer. Six of our graduate and professional students are doing paid public policy internships in Sacramento this summer.

Starting this Fall, I will be hosting an ELIPPS Policy Education Seminar in the fall and winter quarter and a Skills seminar in the spring quarter for credit. Please take this small 2 minutes survey on what you would like to see and learn in this pilot ELIPPS seminar series. Your feedback will help ELIPPS planning team in shaping the seminar series.

To know more about ELIPPS, please visit the website and you can also listen to the podcasts of the previous ELIPPS events.

Thanks so much!

Amandeep Kaur,
Director, ELIPPS (

6. Library Classes for Researching Biological/Agricultural/Environmental Science Topics

KEEP YOUR COOL THIS SUMMER: Attend Shields Library Classes for researching Biological/Agricultural/Environmental Science topics.   Excepting EndNote classes, these classes are *ONLY* offered during the Summer and during Intersessions.

Below are classes for August-September 2015 in the *cool* Library Instruction Lab in Shields Library.  NEW: All sessions (except EndNote classes) will include a brief overview of DATA MANAGEMENT tools from the UC Curation Center.

Please link to the following library calendar to register online for any of the following sessions:
If you have questions, please contact Ruth Gustafson @

EndNote Intro for Biological/Agricultural/Environmental Science Researchers

EndNote is a bibliographic management program which simplifies the process of generating bibliographies and reference lists.  EndNote allows one to easily store, manage, and format references to any biological/agricultural/environmental science core style guide such as CSE, NLM, ACS, or APA or to any specific biological/agricultural/environmental journal style such as FASEB J, J Exp Biol, Plant Cell,  J Agr Food Chem or Front Ecol Environ.  This introductory class will cover: creating EndNote libraries; adding citations to your libraries; direct export of citations from biological/agricultural/environmental article databases; output styles; and Cite While You Write (using EndNote with Microsoft Word).   A quick overview of collaboration options via EndNote Online or the new EndNote X7.2 Library Share feature will be provided.

Sessions available on:    (more sessions available monthly in Fall Quarter, too)
Tue Aug 25          4:00pm-5:30pm
Fri Sep  11           11:30am-1pm
Mon Sep 21        4:00pm-5:30pm

Cool Library Tools for BioAg Lab Staff

Learn about the following key resources/search tactics for lab staff: Major life science methods/protocols resources; automatic updates of your specialized research topics with results sent via weekly/monthly e-mails; locating journal impact factors or rankings to help determine which journals your lab should publish in; and much more.

Sessions available on:
Wed Aug 12  4:00pm-5:30pm
Thu Sep 10     3:00pm-4:30pm

Researching the Biological Literature: BIOSIS Previews & PubMed databases

BIOSIS Previews and PubMed are general databases for nearly all biological topics and are especially important for the molecular and cellular sciences. Relevant e-book collections will also be discussed. Current awareness (update/alert) services, citation searching, and how to use UC-eLinks will also be discussed. Learn about Journal Citation Reports which indicates the top journals in each discipline.

Sessions available on:
Thu Aug 13   1:00pm-2:30pm
Wed Sep 9    4:00pm-5:30pm

Researching the Agricultural Literature

Learn how to search efficiently in the OvidSP version of the three core agricultural databases: CAB Abstracts, Agricola, and Food Sciences and Technology Abstracts. Researchers in the farm animal (including veterinary), entomological (pest), fruit and vegetable crop, farming systems, food sciences and technology, viticulture and enology, and human nutrition areas will find these databases to be the most pertinent to their research needs.

Sessions available on:
Tue Aug 18          4:00pm-5:30pm
Thu Sep 10          11:30am-1pm

Researching the Ecological/Environmental Sciences Literature

Dependent on the subject interests of attendees, bibliographic databases and library resources from the appropriate ecological/environmental sciences related Subject Guides will be presented.  Potential Subject Guides to be covered are: Ecology and Conservation Biology; Environmental Sciences; Marine Biology; and Toxicology.

Session available on:
Fri Aug 21  1:00pm-2:30pm

Researching the Animal Sciences/Wildlife Biology Literature

Dependent on the subject interests of attendees, bibliographic databases and library resources from the appropriate animal-related Subject Guides will be presented.  Potential Subject Guides to be covered are: Animal Sciences, Entomology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Marine Biology & Oceanography.

Sessions available on:
Mon  Aug 24          4:00pm-5:30pm

7. 3-Day Graduate Writers’ Retreat: August 25-27

August 25th, 26th, & 27th, 2015

10:00am- 3:00pm Each Day | Register for Room Location*

Looking for an opportunity to boost your writing productivity and make some substantial progress before summer ends?
Join University Writing Program faculty and fellow graduate students in a peaceful and productive setting on the UC Davis campus for this multi-day writer’s session!
You are welcome to work independently on your writing, but a faculty member will also be available for writing consultations throughout the retreat.
We will provide light refreshments in the morning and LUNCH each day, just bring your laptop and an empty mug!

*Limited space available –participants must commit to attending all three days – if you are unable to do so, please don’t register – we will have other opportunities for you in the fall!

If you are able to attend all three days – register at:

If this registration fills before you can reply – please add your name to our waitlist:

Sponsored by University Writing Program: Writing Across the Curriculum Program, Grad Pathways, and Graduate Studies

8. 2016 – 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Deadline:  *October 26 – October 30, 2015 (varies by discipline)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

UC Davis Information Meetings (TBA)

The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in the relevant science (including social sciences), technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines* pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees, including women in engineering and computer and information science. UC Davis currently has 147 NSF GRFP fellows, ranking as one of the top institutions nation-wide in this ProgramThe program goals are (1) to select, recognize, and financially support individuals early in their careers with the demonstrated potential to be high achieving scientists and engineers, and (2) to broaden participation in science and engineering of underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans. GRFP is a critical program in NSF’s overall strategy to develop the globally-engaged workforce necessary to ensure the Nation’s leadership in advancing science and engineering research and innovation. The ranks of NSF Fellows include numerous individuals who have made transformative breakthrough discoveries in science and engineering, become leaders in their chosen careers, and been honored as Nobel laureates

 Amount: $34,000 in stipend and $12,000 cost of education (COE) annually for three years (may be used over a five year period). Fellows may also be eligible for additional opportunities such as the international travel NSF GRFP GROW program and the Graduate Research Internship Program (GRIP) . Fellows are also provided enhanced access to cyberinfrastructure resources, including supercomputing time, through theExtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), see Institutional Commitment: The UCD Office of Graduate Studies will award GRFP fellows the balance of instate fees not paid by the COE (providing no other awards or fee remissions from academic appointments exist).

Eligibilityapplicants must not have completed more than 12 months of full-time graduate study or the equivalent (senior undergraduates, 1st and 2nd year graduate students are generally eligible). In addition, applicants must have U.S. citizenship, permanent resident or U.S. national status at the time of application. Applicant must be accepted and enrolled in a US university graduate program at the time of the award.

Fields of Study (research-based):  Chemistry | Computer & Information Science & Engineering | Engineering | Materials Research | Geosciences | Life Sciences| Mathematical Sciences | Physics & Astronomy | Psychology | Social Sciences | STEM Education & Learning

Application:  Applicants must submit the following information through the FastLane GRFP Application Module : Personal Information; Education and Other Experience; Field(s) of Study; Graduate School Information; Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals Statement (3 pages); Graduate Research Plan Statement; Eligibility Statement if applicable; Transcripts; and the names and email addresses of Reference Letter writers. Applicants should not send extraneous information or materials.

For more information and application see URL: The Solicitation is at Applicants may register to apply directly through the NSF FastLane application portal at submission or approval is not needed).

*Application Deadline(s)
(application must be received by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time): 

October 26, 2015
Geosciences; Life Sciences

October 27, 2015
Computer and Information Science and Engineering; Engineering; Materials Research

October 29, 2015
Psychology; Social Sciences; STEM Education and Learning

October 30, 2015
Chemistry; Mathematical Sciences; Physics and Astronomy

Deborah McCook, Senior External Fellowship Advisor, Grants Officer
Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars, Student Financial Support, Office of Graduate Studies,
250 Mrak Hall, University of California, Davis, CA  95616-5270

**Application procedure, forms, listing of external fellowships and funding resources:

External Fellowship Matching Commitments for External Fellowships Policy & Procedure

9. SSRC Predissertation Fellowship Opportunities for Graduate Students

Social Science Research Council 2016 Student Fellowship Competition Now Open

DEADLINE: October 15, 2015 5 PM EST

Program Overview

The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Program is an interdisciplinary training program that helps early-stage doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences formulate doctoral research proposals. The program seeks students with an interest in learning how their proposals can be strengthened through exposure to the theories, literatures, methods, and intellectual traditions of disciplines outside their own. To that end, the program offers workshops, exploratory summer research, and writing opportunities guided by faculty mentorship and peer review.

Fellowship Terms

Fellows must attend spring and fall workshops led by experienced faculty. The spring workshop prepares fellows to undertake summer exploratory research, while the fall workshop helps fellows draw lessons from their summer research experiences and develop their proposals. Fellows must also conduct at least 6 weeks of summer research and refine drafts of their proposals through an online and interactive writing platform in preparation for the fall workshop.

Students may apply for up to $5,000 to cover summer research costs. Travel and accommodations to attend both workshops, as well as most meals, are covered by the DPDF Program.


The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship is open to pre-ABD doctoral students who are enrolled in PhD programs at accredited universities within the United States. Students in the humanities, social sciences, and related disciplines are welcome to apply.  For more information on eligibility and selection criteria, please visit our website.


For more details about the program and how to apply, please go to

Program staff are available at to answer additional questions.

Campus Announcements:

1. Updated Graduate Student Guide

The Graduate Student Guide has been updated for 2015!  Please find the new version on the website:

2. SHIP Waiver Now Available

This notice is to advise you that the online waiver application for the 2015-16 academic year is now available. The waiver is online at

All UC Davis students are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP each academic year. If you have comparable health insurance, and you do not wish to be enrolled in UC SHIP, you will need to submit a waiver application no later than these posted deadlines:

– The Fall Semester waiver deadline was August 10, 2015
– The Fall Quarter waiver deadline is September 10, 2015

If you would like to remain enrolled in UC SHIP for the 2015-16 academic year, no action is required. To learn more about the benefits available to UC SHIP enrolled students, go to

NOTE: Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) offers care to all registered UC Davis students, regardless of their insurance coverage. To learn more about the services available through SHCS, go to

If you have any questions about the waiver process, UC SHIP, or the services available at SHCS, please contact the Insurance Services office at 530.752.6055 or via email at

If you have graduated or will not be a registered student for Fall term, you can disregard this message.

3. Open Forums for Candidates for Student Disability Center Director

The Student Disability Center staff and the Recruitment Advisory Committee invite all interested students, staff and faculty to join us for two open forums to introduce the candidates for Student Disability Center Director.

Tuesday, August 18, Candidate A
Thursday, August 20, Candidate B

Each candidate has been invited to provide a short presentation: “Challenges of Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education” Followed by a question and answer session to address your areas of highest interest.

Tuesday, August 18 & Thursday, August 20
DiCarli Room, MU second floor

We especially encourage attendance by those students, staff and faculty regularly working with the Center to meet the needs and coordinate programs to best serve our diverse campus community.

For further information, please contact Debbie Kamber (, secretary to the Recruitment Advisory Committee. Candidate materials and evaluation forms will be available at the presentations.

4. TAPS Updates

Upcoming Office Closure: The TAPS office will be closed from Friday, August 21st – Tuesday, August 25th while the department converts data to a new parking permit management system. During this closure, TAPS’ online services will be temporarily suspended and parking permits, bus passes and bicycle licenses will not be available for purchase. More information is available here.

Davis Transportation Fairs: There are two upcoming transportation fairs in Davis featuring all the information that you need to make smart transportation decisions for you and your family including bike safety, elektroroller scooter safety and helmet checks, trip planning advice, electric vehicle test drives, prize drawings and more. Please stop by one of these events:

Sunday, August 23rd
G Street Shopping Center in front of Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board and the Davis Food Co-op

Saturday, September 12th
Veteran’s Memorial Parking Lot at Community Park

Contact: Leslie Mancebo, Transportation Demand & Marketing Coordinator

For additions or corrections, please email the GSA Secretary:


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