Weekly Announcements: September 21–27

GSA Events & News:

  1. Bar Night at the Graduate
  2. Register for GSA Assembly
  3. Open University Committee Positions
  4. GSA Social Planning Committee

Health & Wellness:

  1. Free Yoga Classes for Graduate Students
  2. Student Parent Child Care Funding Program
  3. National Grad Crisis-Line
  4. Participants Needed for Research Study

Campus Announcements:

  1. New Registrar Office Location
  2. Free Mondavi Center Ticket for Students

Awards & Fellowships:

  1. Fall 2015 Graduate Studies Travel Award
  2. UC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program – Call for Applications
  3. Predissertation Fellowship Opportunities for Grad Students

Professional Development:

  1. Fall Quarter Internship and Career Center (ICC) Workshops
  2. Entering Mentoring Workshop
  3. Humanists@Work Graduate Career Workshop & Networking Dinner
  4. ELIPPS Policy Education Seminar – Fall 2015
  5. Seminar in Writing Winning Grant Proposals
  6. Coursera Online Course in Undergraduate STEM Teaching

Job Postings:

  1. Seeking Anatomy TAs for Winter Quarter
  2. Peer Advising and Program Assistant position
  3. Santa Rosa Junior College (Biology; Zoology)
  4. Program Manager, Center for Renaissance Studies

GSA Events & News:

1. Bar Night at the Graduate

Bring your friends to The Graduate for our first bar night of the year! Open to all graduate students.

When: October 7th, 8:30pm-10:30 PM (right after the GSA general assembly meeting)

$2 off Singles, Doubles, and Pints
$3 off Big Beers
$6 off Pitchers

Light snacks will be provided.

2. Register for GSA Assembly

Are you interested in representing your department at GSA Assembly Meetings? The 2015–16 registration form is available now at gsa.ucdavis.edu/about/become-a-representative/.

The first Assembly meeting of the year will be held on October 7 from 6-8:30 p.m. in 1002 Giedt Hall.

Intercampus Shuttle Passes for GSA Reps

Live in Sacramento? Want to represent your grad group? Free UCD-UCDMC shuttle passes are now available for official GSA business. This includes attending assembly meetings, campus committee meetings, and GSA committee meetings. Contact Katrina Brock (gsavicechair@ucdavis.edu) to request your passes.

3. Open University Committee Positions

Graduate student representatives are needed for the following university committees:

Waste Reduction and Recycling Planning Committee
Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee

If you are interested in serving on either of these committees, please send Katrina Brock (gsavicechair@ucdavis.edu) a short paragraph (1-5 sentences) with your motivation and qualifications for serving by September 28th.

4. GSA Social Planning Committee

Graduate Students! Graduate Student Association (GSA): Get Involved

Are you passionate about community and social engagement? Would you like to get to know your fellow graduate students better?

Then sign up to join the GSA Social Planning Committee. Little time commitment, big payoff! For more info email: gsapro@ucdavis.edu.

Health & Wellness:

1. Free Yoga Classes for Graduate Students


Co-sponsored by: GSA & LGBTQIA Resource Center

These classes are open to all graduate students!

Please join us in our weekly Free Yoga Classes, which begin this Monday September 21st, 2015 at 6-7:30pm.* They will be located in the Student Community Center, Meeting Room D. Please bring your own mat or towel, as we do not provide that for you.

People of all levels, abilities, and identities welcome!

Come relax & mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for the beginning of a new school year!

* We will be hosting weekly classes throughout the 2015 Fall Quarter, but they will not always be on Mondays, so please look for the announcements in the weekly emails to check what day the class will be offered. A complete schedule for the fall quarter is available here: https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/yoga/.

2. Student Parent Child Care Funding Program

Student Parent Child Care Funding Program applications are now available for the 2015-16 Academic Year. The Graduate Student Child Care Grant (GSCCG) Program provides a $900 per quarter/$1350 per semester payment to full-time graduate and professional students with children, regardless of financial need.  The program is designed to offset costs incurred in child care services.  Please note, the GSCCG can be supplemented with additional funds from the CBCG program for those students who demonstrate financial need. Please visit the website for more information, fact sheets, deadlines and applications. http://worklife-wellness.ucdavis.edu/family_care/children/childcaresub.html.

 3. National Grad Crisis-Line

Did you know that 4 in 10 Graduate Students self-report being more stressed than they can handle? Graduate-Professional students have stories about their everyday lives that include problems with academic advisors, TA/GA/RA experiences, administrative nightmares and financial issues. Grad School is by no means a cake-walk, and sometimes it takes a toll on us physically and emotionally.

Don’t let your friends think there’s no help during their times of stress and despair!!

The National Grad Crisis-Line (877-GRAD-HLP) has been a supplemental sources of support to on campus resources for grads. For 15 years there has been a trained professional counselor waiting for your call to talk about your grad struggles. To improve those services we have changed the number to 877-GRAD-HLP (877-472-3457).

4. Participants Needed for Research Study

Researchers from the USDA Western Human Nutrition Research Center and UC Davis Department of Nutrition are seeking volunteer study participants for a “metabolic phenotyping” study of healthy people in the general population.  A phenotype is the observable characteristics that result from your genes interacting with your environment and metabolism is how you derive energy from the foods you eat.  Your “metabolic phenotype” is how your genes interact with the food you eat (and other factors from your environment) to process, use, and store energy.  We plan to measure:

      • the production of key hormones
      • the conversion of food into energy:
        • metabolism of fats
        • metabolism of proteins
        • metabolism of carbohydrates
      • characteristics of the immune system
      • stress response
      • gut microbiota (bacteria in the intestinal tract)
      • cardiovascular health

Time and location: We will ask you to visit our research center on the UC Davis campus twice; first, for an explanation of the study and 4 hours of testing and second, for a full day of testing (7:00 am-4:30 pm).

Tasks: We will measure your body size, vital functions, and metabolism. There will be a 3 min physical fitness test, full-body radiology scan, taste tests and a forced exhale test.  At home, we ask that you complete 3 diet activities and wear an activity monitor for 7 days. After a 12 hour fast, we will provide you a liquid meal and afternoon snack at the WHNRC.  You will be asked to wear an electric monitor, answer 5 surveys, 4 computer-based activities, and wear a tight blood pressure cuff for 5 min.   We will also collect: breath, saliva, blood, urine, and stool.

Surveys and activities: We will ask about your lifestyle, such as diet, food choices, physical activity, stress, sleep, etc.

In order to be considered for participation, please call us at (530) 752-5177 and select mailbox 3 or 4 or email us at NutritionUSDA100@gmail.com.

Campus Announcements:

1. New Registrar Location

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) has relocated to 3100 Dutton Hall.

In an effort to provide students with comprehensive service and reduce the time spent going from one office to another, this move positions the OUR near Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Accounting and the Cashier’s Office.

The OUR will also continue to provide in-person and phone services Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and you can also reach them using Contact an Expert at myucdavis.

The AggieCard Office, located on the first floor of Dutton Hall in room 1210, will also continue to provide Student AggieCard, Education Verification, and official transcript services Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

2. Free Mondavi Center Ticket for Students



The Mondavi Center offers one free ticket to all students currently enrolled at UC Davis. Students can select from most events in Jackson Hall or the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre that are presented by the Mondavi Center.

To see a full listing of 2015–16 events, click here.

Two ways to reserve your free ticket:

CALL the Mondavi Center Ticket Office during normal business hours at 530.754.2787, tell them the title and date of the event you’re interested in, and let them know you want to take advantage of the Student Free Ticket offer.

VISIT the Mondavi Center Ticket Office during normal business hours and let them know you want to take advantage of the Student FreeTicket offer.

The Mondavi Center Ticket Office is open Monday–Saturday from NOON–6PM.

Terms and Conditions

You knew there would be some, right?

Here’s the deal:

This program is open to all currently enrolled at UC Davis. You will need to have a valid UC Davis email address to reserve your ticket. You will need to show valid UC Davis student identification to pick up your ticket, and your name and ID will be checked against a list of current students. Offer is valid for one “Price Level 2” ticket to one event presented by the Mondavi Center Presenting Program. Offer is subject to ticket availability. Program is subject to change.

Awards & Fellowships:

1. Fall 2015 Graduate Studies Travel Award

Graduate students who have traveled, or will be traveling, to present at meetings of nationally and international recognized professional societies between July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 may now apply for the Graduate Studies Fall Travel Award. The award is for students who are near the completion of their degree who have not previously received the award.  Students must be in good academic standing, registered in full-time status, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The application deadline for students is October 15, 2015. Applications must be submitted to the student’s graduate program for first review. Awards will be announced the week of December 14, 2015.

Please see the Graduate Studies website (http://gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/current-students/financial-support/internal-fellowships/travel-awards) for details concerning the award and application process.

2. UC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program – Call for Applications

The University of California Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established to encourage outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California. It offers postdoctoral research fellowships and faculty mentoring to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to the diversity and equal opportunity at the University of California. The contributions to diversity may include public service towards increasing equitable access in fields where women and minorities are underrepresented. In some fields, the contributions may include research focusing on underserved populations or understanding inequalities related to race, gender, disability or LGBT.

More information on eligibility, awards, appointments, and application procedures is available at the webpages for the UC Davis Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and the UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. The application deadline is November 1, 2015.

3. Predissertation Fellowship Opportunities for Grad Students

Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Student Competition

Deadline: October 15, 2015, 5 P.M. EST

Program Contact: Arno Mokros

Program Overview

The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Program is an interdisciplinary training program that helps early-stage doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences formulate doctoral research proposals. The program seeks students with an interest in learning how their proposals can be strengthened through exposure to the theories, literatures, methods, and intellectual traditions of disciplines outside their own. To that end, the program offers workshops, exploratory summer research, and writing opportunities guided by faculty mentorship and peer review.

Fellowship Terms

Fellows must attend spring and fall workshops led by experienced faculty. The spring workshop prepares fellows to undertake summer exploratory research, while the fall workshop helps fellows draw lessons from their summer research experiences and develop their proposals. Fellows must also conduct at least 6 weeks of summer research and refine drafts of their proposals through an online and interactive writing platform in preparation for the fall workshop.

Students may apply for up to $5,000 to cover summer research costs. Travel and accommodations to attend both workshops, as well as most meals, are covered by the DPDF Program.


The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship is open to pre-ABD doctoral students who are enrolled in PhD programs at accredited universities within the United States. Students in the humanities, social sciences, and related disciplines are welcome to apply.  For more information on eligibility and selection criteria, please visit our website.

Contact Info: 
For more details about the program and how to apply, please go to www.ssrc.org/programs/dpdf/.
Please contact Arno Mokros, Program Associate at dpdf@ssrc.org with additional inquiries.

Professional Development:

1. Fall Quarter Internship and Career Center (ICC) Workshops

(For properly formatted versions, click here: workshop flyer and courses flyer)


2        Academic Job Search Series, Part I                      2:30pm-4:00pm          Registration Required

9        Academic Job Search Series, Part II                     10:00am-4:00pm          Registration Required

14       Careers in Technology Transfer (STEM) –              9/14 through 9/18     Online

          Panel Discussion Starts – Versatile PhD

14       R Bootcamp (5 Days- 9/14-9/18)                         9:00am-4:00pm          Registration Required

15       Off & Running: How to Get a Head Start on           11:00-11:50am         Rock Hall

          Your Graduate Career

21       Getting a Jump Start on Your Job Search              8:30am-4:00pm          Registration Required

23       Presidential Management Fellowship Information    12:00pm-1:30pm      2306 King Hall, Law School


28       Entering Mentoring with Steve Lee                       11:30am-1:30pm      PES 3001 Please Register        


1        Writing Groups: A Peer-to-Peer Model for              2:00-3:30pm            PES 3001

          Maximizing Productivity

5        Cultural Identities and the Mentor-Mentee             9:00-11:00am           SCC, Room D, Please Reg.

          Relationship with Marybeth Gasman

6        Leadership and Communication Skills for Grad       10:00am-Noon          Garrison Rm. Please Reg.

          Students and Postdocs

6        Career Planning and Job Search Resources            3:10pm-4:300pm      114 South Hall

          for International Graduate students & Postdocs

6        Grant Writing: One Step at a Time                       6:00-7:30pm            Mtg. Rm. 1, ARC

8        Active Reading Strategies to Improve Your            10:00-11:30am         126 Voorhies


9        Graduate Writer’s Retreat                                   2:00-5:00pm            SCC, Room C

13       Using Social Media for Your Job Search                 4:10pm-5:30pm        114 South Hall

14       Writing a Literature Review                                 10:00-11:30am         126 Voorhies

14       The Graduate Student’s Guide to Personal             11:30-1:00pm           Registration Required

          Finance with Emily Roberts

14       Best Practices in Personal Finance During Your       4:30-6:00pm            Registration Required

          Postdoc with Emily Roberts

19       Careers in Publishing – Humanities and Social        10/19-10/23             Online

          Sciences Panel Discussion – Versatile PhD

20       Understanding Learning Styles for Leadership        Noon-2:00pm           Registration Required


20       How to Ace the Interview for Careers                             4:10pm-5:30pm          114 South Hall

          Beyond Academia

21       Writing a Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter for      4:10pm-5:30pm        229 South Hall

          Academic and Teaching Positions    

22       Graduate Writer’s Retreat                                   2:00-5:00pm            SCC, Room E

23       PhD – The Movie – Parts 1 & 2                           7:30pm-10:00pm      Rock Hall         

27       Finding Your Pot of Gold: How to Fund Your           10:00-11:30pm         Mtg. Rm. D, SCC Please Reg.

          Graduate Education with Josephine Moreno

27       Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter for             1:10pm-2:30pm        114 South Hall

          Careers Beyond Academia

29       The Power of Networking and How to Do It           4:10pm-5:30pm        2005 PES



2        Graduate Writer’s Retreat                                   12:00-3:00pm           SCC, Room E

4        Setting Goals and Expectations in Mentoring                    3:00-4:30pm            MPR, SCC Please Register

          Relationships with Chris Golde

4        Launching Your Job Search for Careers Beyond      4:10pm-5:30pm        114 South Hall


5        Successfully Negotiating a Position for Careers       3:30pm-5:00pm        114 South Hall

          Beyond Academia                         

6        Collaborative Writing and Feedback: Getting the     4:30-6:00pm            SciLab 2060

          Most Out of GoogleDocs (Part 1)

7        Writing a Dissertation or Thesis: Getting Started     12:30-5:00pm           2 Wellman, Please Register

          Getting Done!

12       Graduate Writer’s Retreat                                   1:00-4:00pm            SCC, Room E

16       Careers in University Administration (STEM)                     11/16-11/20             Online

          Online Panel – Versatile PhD

17       Cultivating Academic Honesty in the Classroom      Noon-1:30pm           PES 3001 Please Register

18       Getting the Most Out of Your Mentorship by                     10:00-11:30am         Mtg. Rm. D, SCC Please Reg.

          Becoming a Great Mentee – Josephine Moreno

18       PhD Connector: Network with UC Davis PhD          5:30pm-8:00pm        Registration Required

          STEM Alumni

19       California Science & Technology Policy                  3:30pm-5:00pm        114 South Hall

          Fellowship Information Session

24       Graduate Writer’s Retreat                                   1:00-4:00pm            SCC, Room E



2        Preparing Your Best Presentation for Grad Slam     5:30-7:00pm            Rm. D, SCC – Please Reg.

          and/or the IGPS Competitions

3        Etiquette of Formal and Social Interviewing with     2:00-4:00pm            TBA

          Mary Mitchell

Graduate Student Career Exploration Group

Thursdays, 10:00-11:45am,  North Hall, Counseling Services – Must Register to Join

This group is for graduate students who want explore their career related preferences, identify the comparative fit of career options of interest or expand their consideration of possible careers. Group members will integrate data from their personal strengths, work and family perspectives, and career assessments with occupational information. Group members are asked to increase their exposure to occupational information and opportunities over the course of the term. Total cost for assessment package (includes Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, Skillscan and Values card sorts) to grad students is $20 as GradPathways (Graduate Studies) is subsidizing $25 of the total $45 fee. The groups will be limited to no more than 8-10 participants per group, based on “first come first served” of who responds with an intention to participate. Please send an email of your intention at your earliest convenience and include your current focus of study: careercounseling@shcs.ucdavis.edu

Access the Versatile PhD – An Online Career Resource

UC Davis has a premium content subscription for humanities and social sciences PhD students for on the Versatile PhD – an online resource for those seeking careers beyond academia.  The Versatile PhD provides a community of like-minded graduate students and former graduate students and includes a discussion board for the both the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS – premium content enabled) and a discussion board for STEM fields (basic content available).  In addition, Career Panels are regularly hosted on the site.  Upcoming Fall 2015 Career panel topics include: Technology Transfer (STEM): September 14-18; Publishing (Humanities/Social Sciences): October 19-23; University Administration (STEM): November 16-20.  Sponsored by GradPathways and the Internship and Career Center.

Fall Quarter 2015 Courses – Open to all Disciplines*

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety and Improving Presentations

T/TH 5:30-7:00pm, Location: 233 Wellman Hall, CRD 298-001, CRN – 47665 – Register for 2 Units, P/NP

Course Goal: To help graduate students and postdocs master the ability to prepare and deliver excellent presentations to a variety of audiences both in academia and beyond.

Public speaking is a pervasive requirement for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in every field of study.  We are asked to present our research at professional conferences and meetings and to lecture to undergraduate students, but there is surprisingly little formal preparation or training provided to acquire this essential skill.

Topics Covered Include: Understanding the roots of public speaking anxiety; Managing speech/performance anxiety; Introducing yourself and your research in networking situations; Presentation organization and effective use of PowerPoint; Designing/improving research posters; Speaking to different audiences including peers and the media.

Instructor: Margaret Swisher Mantor, PhDmaswisher@ucdavis.edu  Sponsored by the GradPathways (Graduate Studies)


Seminar on College Teaching

Tuesdays, 2:10-4 pmLocation: TBA, Register: CRN 51466, EDU 398-01, 2 Units, P/NP

Do you expect to teach undergraduates in your career? If so, please join us for this informative and interactive course, using readings, discussions, and activities to develop essential skills for designing, teaching, and assessing effective college-level courses. The course is also open to postdocs, who can earn a certificate for participating instead of course credit. Please email the instructor. Enrollment is limited, so please sign up early! For more information, please visit:


Instructor: Dr. Cara Harwood Theisen (clharwood@ucdavis.edu)

Journal Editing Workshop: Writing on the Edge (WOE)

Fridays, 9:00-10:50am, 396 Voorhies, 2 units, CRN 72096

Writing on the Edge is once again seeking graduate students to join our editorial staff.   Published twice each year, WOE features a provocative range of interviews, essays, articles, poems, stories, and cartoons about writing and teaching writing.  sBecome a WOE Assistant Editor and help make 2015-16 our most exciting year yet. UWP 280 is a 2-unit course designed to fit manageably into a full schedule.  Regardless of your current academic discipline, this course will allow you to take part in the editing process and provide invaluable publishing experience,  learning from the inside how journal editors make the decisions they do.  For more information, contact, David Masiel, Editor, at woejournal@ucdavis.edu.

*Postdoctoral scholars are welcome to audit courses with instructor approval.

Visit http://gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/gradpathways for more information about the GradPathways program and individual workshop descriptions.

2. Entering Mentoring Workshop (flyer)

Monday, September 28, 2015
11:30am-1:30pm | PES 3001
Please register at: http://tinyurl.com/EnteringMentoringF15

Do you want to learn more about mentoring and become a better research mentor to students? If you will be mentoring students this academic year, this is the perfect time to begin assessing your own communication strengths and applying them towards effectively mentoring your students.  This workshop will be a mixture of a presentation, group discussions around case studies, and workshop exercises.  This workshop is geared towards grad students and postdocs in the STEM disciplines, but faculty, staff, and other members of the UCD community who mentor students are welcome to attend.

Lunch will be served to those who register.

Instructor: Steve Lee, PhD

Steve Lee is the Graduate Diversity Officer at UC Davis for graduate students and postdocs in the STEM disciplines.  Previously, he was the assistant director of a graduate diversity program at Northwestern University, and served as faculty in chemistry at Roosevelt University and Wheaton College.  He co-authored a piece for the National Postdoc Association (http://www.npacommunity.org/?page=beyond_mentoring) and a book chapter on “mentoring up” to equip grad students and postdocs to pro-actively manage their mentoring relationships.

3. Humanists@Work Graduate Career Workshop & Networking Dinner

Save the date! Humanists@Work, a career development initiative from the UC Humanities Research Institute, is coming to UC Davis this fall on Nov. 8-9 (events to take place in Sacramento at the Crocker Art Museum).

For a full schedule of events and registration information, please visit: http://humwork.uchri.org/sacramento-fall-2015

4. ELIPPS Policy Education Seminar – Fall 2015

Emerging Leaders in Policy and Public Service (ELIPPS) is launching its pilot Module A Policy Education Seminar for 1 credit in the Fall quarter. Module B will follow in the winter quarter which will be followed by a skills seminar in the spring quarter.

Learn about the nuts and bolts of policy making this Fall. The details of the seminar are below and can be checked out at http://elipps.ucdavis.edu/elippspolicyeducationseminar.html.

ELIPPS Policy Education Seminar-Module A 

*to sign up please use the following CRN*

CRN: 74018 (POL 298)

Credit: 1 (Please sign up for 1 credit only)

Course Description: Emerging Leaders in Policy and Public Service (ELIPPS) will host a policy education seminar series for 1 credit during this whole academic year. The fall quarter will be the first module of the series. During the fall quarter, five seminars will be hosted for two hours each. The details of the seminar are the following:

When: Alternate Mondays starting Sep 28 from 12-2 pm

Where: Garrison Room, Memorial Union

Grading: P/NP

Enrolled students will receive a P/NP based upon their attendance and participation in the seminars. Students enrolled in this Seminar would have to attend all five seminars in order to get a Pass in this class. Attendance is compulsory for all of the seminars.

Contact: In case of any questions please contact Amandeep Kaur at ackaur@ucdavis.edu

5. Seminar in Writing Winning Grant Proposals

Designed for UC Davis faculty and staff who have had some exposure to writing granting applications, this widely acclaimed seminar addresses both practical and conceptual aspects important to proposal-writing success.

Attendees may choose: Thursday, September 24 or Friday, September 25.

A flyer with complete schedule and registration information is available here: http://research.ucdavis.edu/wp-content/uploads/Write-Winning-Grant-Proposals-flyer.pdf

6. Coursera Online Course in Undergraduate STEM Teaching

Interested in science outreach or science education and want to improve your teaching skills?

Register for the Fall MOOC “An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching”. 

8-week course | September 28 – November 19

This free online course is designed to help current and future STEM faculty teach more effectively. Drawing on the expertise from across the NSF-funded CIRTL (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning) Network, this course will explore ways to approach teaching in the college or university STEM classroom. How do you design lessons and assignments to create high–impact learning experiences for your students? Read more about the course here: http://www.cirtl.net/f15-cirtl-mooc.

Job Postings:

1. Seeking Anatomy TAs for Winter Quarter

It’s that time of year again! The Human Gross Anatomy Lab is seeking paid Teaching Assistants for Winter Quarter 2016. Please visit our website for more information. 

2. Peer Advising and Program Assistant position

Peer Advising and Program Assistant position with the Master’s, Ph.D students, and Postdoctoral scholars (ICC-MPP) program at the Internship and Career Center


Apply via Aggie Job Link (AJL): Login to https://icc.ucdavis.edu/students/ajl.htm, search for AJL #780030


Graduate Student Assistant IV (Humanities & Social Sciences)

Open only to current UC Davis Master’s, MFA or Ph.D. student in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

UC Davis Internship & Career Center

Graduate Student Assistant IV


Variable 10 hours per week

33 weeks (academic calendar Oct to Jun)

The Master’s & Ph.D. student, and Postdoctoral scholar (ICC-MPP) career services program of the Internship and Career Center provides a wide variety of career services and career development resources for graduate students and postdocs. We serve over 6,000 graduate students and 900 postdocs campus wide. Alumni can participate in workshops and one-to-one advising up to one year after graduation. MPP provides the following:

Career services:

• One-to-one career advising (includes resume/curriculum vitae review, interview preparation, job search strategies, individual development planning and internship advising)

• Workshops, symposia and seminars

• Info sessions for career-based fellowships (e.g., Presidential Management Fellowship, AAAS Science Technology and Policy Fellowship, CA Council on Science and Technology Policy Fellowship)

• Opportunities through “on-campus recruiting graduate students and postdocs to network with companies and government agencies.

• Career Fairs (including annual virtual career fair and grad/postdoc networking event)

• Career Assessments

Career resources:

       Information and samples of advanced degree resumes and CVs in the Career Resource Manual.

       Online podcasts, presentations and handout materials from past workshops

       Online resources and web links (e.g., relevant articles, job board links)

       Career library (located in 215 South Hall) with hundreds of books on career exploration, search strategies, federal and state employment, career trends and expectations for an academic career.

3. Santa Rosa Junior College (Biology; Zoology)

Santa Rosa Junior College will be hiring two full time biologists this fall. There are 9 full time faculty and 20 adjuncts in the department. SRJC is a great place to work; Sonoma county is  a nice  part of the world. Moreover our department is a collegial group that is dedicated to helping our students succeed while maintaining academic rigor. We share a passion for teaching and biology and are looking for someone with the same values.

·         One position will be at the Santa Rosa Campus for a zoologist: Closing date 10/7/15

·         The other position will be at the Petaluma campus for a person to teach microbiology and general biology.  The closing date is 10/26 

4. Program Manager, Center for Renaissance Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry is seeking a Program Manager. This is a full-time job with benefits. Qualifications include:

  • Master’s degree in a humanities field, with strong preference for a field related to medieval, Renaissance, or early modern studies
  • Exceptional written and oral communications skills including public speaking
  • Experience using relational database software, preferably MS Access, or demonstrated ability to learn new software quickly
  • Experience with basic financials
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously 

See the complete job ad here: https://www.newberry.org/employment#pmren.

For more graduate student events and announcements, see this week’s GradLink Newsletter: https://gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/sites/default/files/upload/files/publications/gradlink-2015-9-21-27.pdf

For additions or corrections, please email gsasecretary@ucdavis.edu.



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