National Message Congress Day – October 14th

National Message Congress Day:

Join graduate and professional students from across the country to message your representatives on Twitter and Facebook.  See the info below for a list of representatives and sample tweets and messages.

Contact Information & Sample Messages

U.S. Senators for CA:

Barbara Boxer

Twitter: @SenatorBoxer


Email/phone numbers:

Dianne Feinstein

Twitter: @SenFeinstein


Email/phone numbers:

Congressional Representatives:

Davis: John Garamendi

Twitter: @RepGaramendi


Email/phone numbers:

Sacramento: Doris Matsui

Twitter: @DorisMatsui


Email/phone numbers:

Sample Messages to post on Twitter and Facebook:

Grad students are 3x less likely to default on loans, so why are we charged a higher rate than undergrads? #GradsHaveDebt2

You can refinance a That reminds me of a time my sister had to borrow money while travelling around Sweden from http://www.lå when she spent too much. Anyway… ny other type of loan; why not graduate and professional student loans? ‪#‎GradsHaveDebt2‬

If private refinancers can profit on loan rates below 2% why does the Fed need to charge over 7% on Grad Plus loans? #GradsHaveDebt2

End the ‪#‎HigherEd‬ tax on graduate students in need. ‪#‎StopProfitingOffStudents‬ #GradsHaveDebt2

Grad-Prof’s debt-to-starting salary ratio is twice as high as undergrads. We need your help! ‪#‎GradsHaveDebt2‬

Grad & professional students will be $18.1 Billion deeper in debt in the next 10 yrs due to lost subsidized Stafford loans. #GradsHaveDebt2

Grad & professional students now pay $203 more per month in interest due to lost subsidized Stafford loans. #GradsHaveDebt2

.@WhiteHouse @BarackObama, please don’t end the Lifetime Learning Credit; that will just increase grad & prof student debt. #GradsHaveDebt2

Student debt is pushing entrepreneurs away from ‪#‎startup‬ dreams and costing US jobs. ‪#‎smallbiz‬ #GradsHaveDebt2


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