Elections Committee Announcement

From the GSA Elections Committee:

Following the events of the lost June 2015 General Assembly Meeting minutes, the GSA officer position of Treasurer is vacant. The GSA Elections Committee is hereby calling for an election for the Treasurer position scheduled for the December 2nd General Assembly Meeting.

Nominations opened during the October Meeting of the GSA General Assembly. Nominations will close during the December 2nd GSA General Assembly Meeting and elections will immediately follow.

To nominate an individual, please submit their name and email to gsaelections@ucdavis.edu. The nominee must accept their nomination.

To self-nominate, please submit your name to gsaelections@ucdavis.edu.

All nominees who are nominated prior to the General Assembly Meeting on December 2nd will be expected to write a short paragraph on why they are seeking the Treasurer position to be published on the GSA website.

The duties of the Treasurer are:

    1. Present to the Assembly a summary of the financial activities of the Association at every meeting,
    2. Prepare the current year’s budget for presentation at the first Assembly Meeting,
    3. Prepare a preliminary budget for the following year to guide the Treasurer-elect, to be presented at the May meeting,
    4. Represent the Association in financial dealings with the University and other campus organizations,
    5. Represent the Association on the Student Services and Fees Advisory Committee,
    6. Compute annually Association membership for the purposes of determining the number of Assembly Representatives for each graduate program committee,
    7. Supervise the administration of the Association funds according to the By-Laws and procedures established by the Association and in conjunction with the Accounting Office,
    8. Hear all grievances that may arise in the administration of the funds and to make recommendations to the Executive Council concerning their adjudication,
    9. Review and periodically update the administrative procedures of the funds,
    10. Chair the Travel Awards Committees, and
    11. Convene and chair as necessary the Treasurer’s Advisory Committee

Additional information: average 10 hours a week of active duty and knowledge of finance helpful but not required

Questions or comments can be directed to gsaelections@ucdavis.edu.


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