2016 IGPS Application Is Now Open!

The 2016 IGPS Planning Committee is proud to announce that the application for IGPS abstract submission is now open! This year’s categories include: Art, Performance, Poster Presentations, Panel Sessions, and Oral Presentations.

The submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Early Submission deadline: January 15, 2016
    • Possible spotlight on GSA website
    • Raffle: IGPS T-shirts
    • Raffle: Seats next to Dean Gibeling, Chancellor Katehi, and/or Keynote Speaker at Awards Dinner Night
  • Regular Submission deadline: February 19, 2016

IGPS Categories

All UC Davis Graduate and Professional Students are welcome to apply for any of the following categories:

  • Art: This category refers to any piece of art that you would like to present to the rest of the UC Davis community. Along with your art piece, you will need to submit a description about your artwork (via our online application) where you provide a brief description of your piece, as well as explain how this artwork relates to your work here at UC Davis. Two judges will visit your and your artwork and will take about 5-10 minutes to discuss your artwork.
  • Performance: For this category, you will be allotted a maximum of 20 minutes to perform a piece that addresses the work that you do as a UC Davis student. Furthermore, it should express the importance of interdisciplinary work on our campus. Similar to the art category, you must submit a brief description of your piece, as well as explain how this artwork relates to your work here at UC Davis.
  • Poster Presentation: The poster session will be 2 hours long, where you will demonstrate and discuss your latest results and developments in progress in order to gain feedback and establish connections with other projects that are relevant to your work. Judges will circulate the venue and review all posters and your presentations of the posters. Please note that the standard size of a poster is 24” x 36”.
  • Panel Session: A panel, consisting of 3-5 people (including the chair/facilitator), must present their views on a common theme, issue, or question, and then discuss it with your audience. Each panel will be allotted 1 hour and 15 minutes, out of which a minimum of 30 minutes needs to be dedicated to engaging with the audience by providing questions that facilitate a discussion.
    • Only the chair of the panel needs to submit an application. In the application, the chair will provide the name of the rest of the panelists under the segment titled “Co-authors.”
  • Oral Presentations: For this category, you will be allotted 10 minutes to provide a brief, condensed presentation about a particular project that you have completed or that is a work-in-progress. Your presentation will be followed by a 5-minute period for questions from the audience. Your submission will consist of you clearly indicating in your abstract the following points:
    • What is demonstrated or offered in your presentation?
    • What are the major aspects of your project?
    • Provide the context and motivation for your project.
    • Why your work is important/relevant to an Interdisciplinary symposium? How do you employ interdisciplinarity in your own research?

Please remember that this is the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium, which means that your presentations will be geared to an audience that encompasses faculty, peers, undergraduates, and community members.


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