Weekly Announcements, November 30–January 3

GSA Announcements:

  1. Bar Night at the Grad, December 2
  2. Forum on Graduate Student Mentorship
  3. GSA Travel Awards
  4. GSA Orientation Fund
  5. IGPS Applications Now Open


  1. Open Committee Positions


  1. Student Parent Circle
  2. Sacramento Coffee Bagel Donut Day, December 3
  3. Graduate Ally Coalition Cookie Exchange, December 4

Professional Development:

  1. Rock the Talk: Preparing for Grad Slam and the IGPS
  2. Schmooze or Lose: The Mindset and Mechanics of Working a Room

GSA Announcements:

1. Bar Night at the Grad, December 2

Bar Night_2_GravityBring your friends to The Graduate for our last bar night of the quarter! Open to all graduate and professional students.

December 2, 8:30pm-10:30 PM

$2 off Singles, Doubles, and Pints    $3 off Big Beers      $6 off Pitchers

2. Forum on Graduate Student Mentorship

The Graduate Student Association is seeking your input to provide the UCD administration with recommendations for improving mentorship on campus. Below are two ways to provide input. Both are anonymous, but not confidential. This means that we will be keeping a record and sharing your concerns, issues, and ideas, but the names, departments, or other identifying details of students will be redacted.

CBDD_Logo_Red_GravityMentorship Forum at CBDD

All graduate students are invited to participate in a community forum on graduate student mentorship. This event will be held at the December 4th Coffee Bagel Donut Day, 8:30am-10:30am in the GSA office in South Silo. Event Flyer: http://wp.me/p6qFCD-iu

Online Form

If you are unable to attend the forum or prefer to submit your thoughts in writing, please fill out this questionnaire. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you would like.

3. GSA Travel Awards

Applications are now available for the GSA’s bi-annual Travel Awards program.

Graduate students traveling for educational or professional reasons are eligible to apply for reimbursement. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of your peers for relevance and value. Please make sure to communicate these points in your application!

The Fall award will apply to any travel between July 1st and December 31st, 2015.

Apply Here: https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/funding/travel-awards/

4. GSA Orientation Fund

Applications are now available for the GSA’s Orientation Fund.

This award supports graduate department and graduate group orientation activities. The event must have served incoming graduate students and must have occurred between September 1 and October 15.

Apply Here: https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/funding/orientation-fund/

5. IGPS Applications Now Open

The application for the 2016 UC Davis Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium (IGPS) is now open!  

UC Davis Graduate and Professional students from all schools are encouraged to apply and participate! This year’s categories include: Art & Performances, Poster Session, Talk Session, Panel Session. For more information about IGPS, please visit our website


Early Bird Submission Deadline: January 15, 2016
Regular Submission Deadline: February 19, 2016 

Please click here to submit your abstract today!


1. Open Committee Positions

Admissions and Enrollment Committee
One meeting per month
Open until filled

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send Katrina Brock (gsavicechair@ucdavis.edu) a short paragraph (1-5 sentences) with the nominee’s qualifications for serving.


1. Student Parent Circle

Friday December 4th, 2:30-5:00pm
Solano Park Community Center
2500 Solano Park Circle, Davis

Partners and children are welcome!

Snacks and light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP Encouraged

2. Sacramento Coffee Bagel Donut Day, December 3

Sacramento_CBDD_2The Graduate Student Association presents Sacramento Coffee Bagel Donut Day.

Please stop by anytime and grab a pastry and some coffee as we bring one of the main campus’s popular events to the Sacramento campus!

When: Thursday, December 3 8:30 to 10:30 am

Where: Medical Education building 2nd floor Bridgeway, not to be confused with the medical negligence experts post.

Who: All Graduate Students Welcome!

Would you like to be informed of future events and resources on the Sacramento campus? If so, please sign up for the Sacramento graduate student list serve here: http://goo.gl/forms/NyzOYVSefs

3. Graduate Ally Coalition Cookie Exchange, December 4

Come join us for an end of quarter celebration of the cookie! Cookie exchanges work by everyone bringing some cookies and then sharing that with everyone else. That way everyone can sample different types of cookies without having to make all of them by themselves.

Date & Time: Friday December 4th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Location: Student Community Center, Room E

Professional Development:

1. Rock the Talk: Preparing for Grad Slam and the IGPS

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
5:30-7:00pm | Meeting Room D, SCC

Please register at: http://tinyurl.com/GradSlamIGPS
Event Flyer

Do you want to tell an audience about your research in a memorable and exciting way?  Come learn how during this workshop!

This 90 minute workshop will focus on two speaking completions for UC Davis graduate students – the Grad Slam and the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium (IGPS).

Participants will learn how to connect with their audience, communicate key concepts, and leave a lasting impression. The workshop will also cover some basic public speaking principles including anxiety, body language, and visual aids.

2. Schmooze or Lose: The Mindset and Mechanics of Working a Room

Thursday, December 3, 2015
2:00-3:30pm | Meeting Room D, SCC
Please register:

Chances are you wouldn’t even consider beginning research projects without the right preparation.  The same principle holds when it comes to networking and working a room.

It takes confidence to make the most of business/social events. Walking into a room full of strangers produces anxiety in the best of us.  The people who make it look easy usually are those who have done the most preparation.  Confidence comes from:

  • Preparation – what to ask yourself before you arrive
  • Knowing appropriate etiquette to meet and greet others – introductions, handshaking, business cards, and follow up
  • Knowing how to make conversation
  • Knowing how to handle Miserable Moments – including forgetting names, intrusive questions, alcohol protocol, breaking into and away from groups

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop, Mary M. Mitchell will cover these topics and more, ensuring that, wherever you go, you will be invited back.  Mary will give you an opportunity to practice these skills, as well as providing tips for following up with new contacts.

Additional Resources:


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