Weekly Announcements, March 28–April 4

GSA Announcements:

  1. Spring 2016 GSA Travel Awards
  2. IGPS, April 7–8
  3. Call for Nominations: 2016–17 GSA Officers


  1. Administrative Advisory Selection Committee


  1. Grad Yoga
  2. Grad Zumba
  3. GSA Movie Night: Princess Bride & Pixar Shorts, April 22

Funding & Fellowships:

  1. UCHRI Funding Opportunities
  2. Call for Collaborative Data Science Projects
  3. SciStart Startup Opportunities

Professional Development:

  1. Graduate Writing Fellows Program 2016–17
  2. UCHRI Summer Institute on Migration and Health

GSA Announcements:

1. Spring 2016 GSA Travel Awards

The UC Davis Graduate Student Association is accepting applications for its Spring 2016 Travel Awards. Travel Awards are used to help graduate and professional students attend conferences or professional development opportunities.

Deadline: April 15, 2016

Application Information: https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/funding/travel-awards/
Contact: Patrick Dolan, gsatreasurer@ucdavis.edu

2. IGPS, April 7–8

Open to the Public
Open to the Public

3. Call for Nominations: 2016–17 GSA Officers

Elections for GSA Officers will be held at the May Assembly Meeting.

The Elections Committee is now opening the nomination period. Nominations will close during the election period at the May meeting.  

To be eligible for an officer position, you must be in a GSA-represented graduate/professional program and be in good standing (e.g. GPA is 3.0 or above). You must also be able to serve the entire term from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 to the best of your knowledge. Chair, Vice Chair, and External Chair serve an additional 6 months from July to December as ex-officio members of the Executive Council.

  • To nominate a person for a position, please email gsaelections@ucdavis.edu with their name, email, and position.
    • We will contact the nominee to ask them to accept their nomination
  • To self nominate, please email gsaelections@ucdavis.edu your name and position you are nominating for.

Open positions: Chair, Vice Chair, External Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Campus Organizing Director / IGPS Coordinator, and Public Relations Officer

Specific duties for each position are written into the GSA bylaws which are available at gsa.ucdavis.edu under the Government menu.


1. Administrative Advisory Selection Committee

Administrative Advisory Selection Committee
Volunteers needed! Requires less than two hours of reading and and rating applications. No meetings.


1. Grad Yoga

Yoga_Spring Quarter

2. Grad Zumba


3. GSA Movie Night: Princess Bride & Pixar Shorts, April 22

Princess Bride and Pixar Shorts_titles

Funding & Fellowships:

1. UCHRI Funding Opportunities

UCHRI invites Humanities and humanistic Social Science PhDs
to apply for three exciting funding opportunities:
The workshop will take place May 9, 2016 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Applications for travel funding are due by April 11, 2016.
Travel funding includes all lodging and transportation covered by UCHRI.
Apply by May 1, 2016
PAID internship of 8 weeks (30 hours/week) with a stipend of $5500
+ housing and transportation covered by UCHRI


Apply by May 16, 2016
$1,000 stipend + travel and lodging at 2 HumWork workshops + publishing opportunities

2. Call for Collaborative Data Science Projects


3. SciStart Startup Opportunities

SciStart has launched a new platform that helps postdocs and graduate students turn their ideas into startups. The website is free to join at http://www.scistart.co and offers:

– the opportunity to become a SciStart expert consultant – our experts evaluate technologies and are paid per technology evaluated
– the opportunity to use our expert network to evaluate the commercial and scientific merit of your own ideas or technologies
– the opportunity to join startup companies built around early-stage technologies
– the opportunity to learn about business development, legal and regulatory issues from our platform and from industry professionals

Contact: Leah@biotechlikemind.com

Professional Development:

1. Graduate Writing Fellows Program 2016–17

The Graduate Writing Fellows Program 2016-17
The University Writing Program
Writing Across the Curriculum Program

The Graduate Writing Fellows Program offers graduate students from all disciplines a valuable professionalizing opportunity to hold writing consultations with other graduate students on their writing. We highly encourage fellows to apply from a range of disciplines so that our program can represent the diversity of interests and talents on our campus.

Applications Due: Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. to Brenda Rinard, bjrinard@ucdavis.edu

Time Commitment and Responsibilities:

Graduate Writing Fellows (GWFs) can expect a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week, which will include the following:

1.     Consulting with graduate students on their writing for two hours per week
2.     Completing a year-long project that will enhance and promote graduate student and postdoc writing support in all disciplines
3.     Shadowing faculty at workshop presentations
4.     Leading one graduate student writing retreat per quarter
5.     Attending monthly professional development meetings led by faculty and writing fellow mentors
6.     Facilitating writing/working groups for graduate students

At the start of each quarter, GWFs will receive a schedule of all required activities such as meetings, trainings, and writing retreats. Professional development meetings are typically held on Friday mornings and we encourage incoming fellows to keep that time open in their schedules.

Professionalization and Mentoring

Graduate Writing Fellows should leave the program with valuable experience and relationships that will benefit them in their future careers. The professionalization component of the fellowship involves:

1.     Seminar-based preparation program designed to help fellows successfully support other graduate student writers one-on-one.
2.     The chance to communicate with, support, and learn from other graduate students from across the disciplines.
3.     The opportunity to present at undergraduate or graduate Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) workshops with both faculty members of the Writing Across the Curriculum Team and other Graduate Writing Fellows.
4.     A letter or recommendation after completing the fellowship program from the WAC Assistant Director.

Selection Process
To become a Graduate Writing Fellow, graduate students
A.    Submit a letter of interest and a CV to bjrinard@ucdavis.edu by Monday, May 2st, 2016 at 5:00 P.M.
a.      Letter of interest should include the following:
i.          Statement of interest in the program
ii.          Explanation of what writing and tutoring interests and experiences the applicant brings to the program
iii.          Description of what applicant hopes to gain from the program
iv.          Relevant experiences for the program (e.g. working with colleagues on-on-one, working with diverse populations, organizing events)

B.    Attend an interview with the faculty director and lead graduate fellow of the program
C.    Should demonstrate significant interest in writing as well as success in writing within their own disciplines.

After the interview process, each GWF will receive a letter of acceptance that lays out their responsibilities if they choose to accept the fellowship.


Each fellow will receive $3,000 stipend for the academic year.


Brenda Rinard, Assistant Director of Writing across the Curriculum Program: bjrinard@ucdavis.edu

2. UCHRI Summer Institute on Migration and Health


UCGHI invites you to attend the
11th annual Summer Institute on Migration and Health

When: June 14-17, 2016
Where: Oakland and UC Berkeley
Hosted by: UCGHI Center of Expertise on Migration and Health, Health Initiative of the Americas — a program of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, and the Migration and Health Research Center
Early-bird deadline: May 13, 2016 (discounted rate)

The Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health provides a unique forum for researchers, faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and non-academic professionals working with migrant communities around the world to discuss a broad range of health issues that affect migrating populations.

  • The four-day course will include lectures, workshops, poster sessions, and field trips to offer an exceptional opportunity not only to learn, but to create professional networks.
  • International experts will present on the relationship between migration and global health from public health, public policy, and social science perspectives.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the event.

Contact: Liliana Osorio at losorio@berkeley.edu

A special Research Training Workshop will be offered on the last day of the Summer Institute to graduate students, recent postdoctoral scholars, and junior faculty attending the Institute.

Contact: Adrian Lorenzo Arellano at aarellano@mednet.ucla.edu

Questions? Contact: ucghi@globalhealth.ucsf.edu
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