Weekly Announcements, September 28th – October 3rd

GSA Announcements:

  1. Chief of Police: Recruitment Advisory Committee
  2. Apply now for 2016-2017 Chancellor’s Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board
  3. Graduate Student Funding Initiative
  4. Grad Studies Survey | Win $50 Gift Card
  5. Chancellor Search Student Town Hall
  6. GSA YOGA & ZUMBA: Fall 2016
  7. Coffee Bagel Donut Day
  8. Sacramento Graduate Student Resource Fair
  9. UC Davis Campus Conflict Resolution Resource Fair
  10. UC Davis ADVANCE Brown Bag Series

GSA Announcements:

1. Chief of Police: Recruitment Advisory Committee

Acting Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Burtis is requesting 2 GSA Representatives to sit on the Recruitment Advisory Committee to search for a new Chief of Police due to the recent retirement of Matthew Carmichael.

Interested in serving on this committee, please email gsavicechair@ucdavis.edu.

2. Apply now for 2016-2017 Chancellor’s Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board


The Chancellor’s Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board (CGPSA) is seeking applicants for its 2016-2017 advisory board. The CGPSA is a collaborative body of 15-20 graduate and professional students who work with campus administrators throughout the year to advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students from all disciplines and degree programs.

Previous and current projects inspired by the work of CGPSA include the pending Graduate & Professional Student Center, opening soon in Walker Hall.

In light of the impending selection of a new Chancellor for UC Davis, the potential impact of this year’s CGPSA board is higher than ever; it is for this reason that we are strongly encouraging all eligible graduate and professional students to apply.

Completed applications, questions, and comments should be directed to Sarah Messbauer, Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chancellor and chair of CGPSA, at gradassistant@ucdavis.edu. Applications must be submitted as PDFs to gradassistant@ucdavis.edu by 11:59pm on October 17th, 2016.

An application is available here or via the CGPSA website.

3. Graduate Student Funding Initiative


The GSA Fee has been the same since 2002. We’ve been slowly running out of money, cutting programs and reducing budgets for years. It is time to bring the GSA Fee back up to historical levels. The plan is simple: use the CPI to retroactively adjust the 2002 level to today’s dollars in real terms. This will turn the $12/quarter figure into $17.06/quarter, accounting for CPI and Return To Aid. This will allow the GSA to better serve the graduate student community.

Please review the power point presentation embedded below for more detailed information.

Steps to make this happen:

1) Present to the the GA, get approval to proceed (Oct GA meeting)

2) Repeat Step 1. (Nov GA meeting)

3) Present to COSAF for ballot language input.

4) Present to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, receive input.

5) VCSA forwards to Campus Council (Legal), they recommend changes as necessary.

7) Publicize! Remind everyone to VOTE!

8) Grad students vote in late Winter/early Spring

Follow this link for more info: https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/government/funding-initiative/

4. Grad Studies Survey | Win $50 Gift Card

As UC Davis welcomes a new class of graduate students, Graduate Studies is looking to improve its communication with graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate program staff members alike.

You’re invited to participate in our Graduate Studies Communication Survey. This 10-minute assessment is designed to help us identify the best way to provide you with information about resources, policies, and events. Your survey responses will be kept anonymous and used to inform future Graduate Studies email, web, and social media practices.

Complete the survey by October 7th for the chance to win one of three $50 Davis Downtown gift cards.

 Questions? Feel free to email Elizabeth Lambert, Marketing and Communications Manager for Graduate Studies, at eflambert@ucdavis.edu.

5. Chancellor Search Student Town Hall



6. GSA YOGA & ZUMBA: Fall 2016

GSA YOGA & ZUMBA: Fall 2016

Both classes are FREE for all graduate and professional students. Bring your student ID!


YOGA: Monday Afternoons 

September 26th to December 12th 

5pm-6:30pm in the Student Community Center Room D


ZUMBA: Wednesday Afternoons

September 28th to November 30th

3pm-4:30pm in the ARC: Group Exercise Studio

7. Coffee Bagel Donut Day


Week of Monday September 26th

o    Coffee Bagel Donut Day: Friday, September 30th at 8:30 -10:30 am, South Silo! Come get your fill of coffee, donuts, bagels, watermelon, bananas, make your own oatmeal, and tea!

8. Sacramento Graduate Student Resource Fair

UC Davis Graduate Student Association and Graduate Studies are proud to host the first ever Sacramento Graduate Student Resource Fair.

Refreshments will be provided. RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/aIjqPYlOR4fIBiJJ2

Open to all UC Davis Graduate Students including Graduate School of Management, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, and all academic graduate programs.

Come Meet
Graduate Student Association
Graduate Studies
Professors for the Future
WorkLife and Wellness
Internship and Career Center
Counseling Services
Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs
Blaisdell Medical Library, Sacramento
Ombuds Office
Writing Across the Curriculum
University Writing Program
LGBTQIA Resource Center
UC Living Fit Forever
Center for Student Involvement
Empower Yolo
Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art
Office of the Provost, STEM Strategies
Center for Student Involvment
Empower Yolo

9. UC Davis Campus Conflict Resolution Resource Fair

The Office of the Ombuds is organizing a Campus Conflict Resolution Resource Fair on Tuesday, October 18th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on the West Quad. See the link below for the event save the date.


10. UC Davis ADVANCE Brown Bag Series

UC Davis ADVANCE Presents: ADVANCE Brown Bag Series 2016 – October 3 & 8November 2December 7, 2016
All Brown Bags: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.  | UC Davis ADVANCE Office 1100 Surge III “The Grove”
Pre-registration suggested.
Audience: Faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students (as detailed in the attached flyer)
Effective Classroom Management (NEW LOCATION: Kemper Hall, Room 1003)
·         To foster learning and create community, instructors need to effectively manage the classroom. This session will focus on evidence-based practices to ensure discussions are civil and lively, activities are engaging, and learning is active. At this brown bag, participants will gain practical teaching skills and learn strategies for establishing a positive classroom atmosphere conducive for student learning and success.
Tips for Stating Your Case
·         At this brown bag, participants will learn how to effectively state their case in their merit and promotion package.
Making the Shortlist — Crushing the Interview: Keys to Securing Your First Academic Position
·         This brown bag will empower participants with the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to navigate the academic interview process from start to finish. They will learn skill-building answers to key questions: What does it take to make the “short list?” What are search-committees looking for? What skills are needed to make the in-person interview successful? They will learn how to (1) Prepare an application that can help you make the short list; (2) Prepare for the demands and expectations of the in-person interview; (3) Effectively follow-up post-interview, and respond to the offer.
Cashing in on Criticism
·         Chances are that if you’re in academia, you are no stranger to rejection of submitted manuscripts or grants. At this brown bag, learn how to put these critiques into perspective and turn them into valuable tools that will make you even more successful.