We’re Hiring! (Marketing)

Do you have experience in communication, marketing, public relations, publicity, social media, student government, and/or nonprofit organizations? Apply now for this paid position!

Improve publicity and communication to inform GSA constituents, alumni, and the general public of GSA services.

Marketing consultant will be expected to take on one or more of the following projects. Applicants should chose the project they are most interested in pursuing and describe how they plan to approach that project.

  • Constituent Perspectives
    • Evaluate GSA effectiveness at gathering student perspectives on policy issues
    • Develop a plan to gather an increased number of views and diversity of students
    • Communicate plan to GSA Chair and External Chair both verbally and in writing
  • Event promotion
    • Evaluate GSA effectiveness at developing events that provide value to constituents and publicizing those events
    • Develop a plan to improve event development and publicity
    • Communicate plan to GSA Campus Organizing Director, Public Relations Officer, and Events Committee both verbally and in writing
  • Alumni Relations
    • Develop a plan for alumni outreach
    • Communicate plan to GSA Executive Council both verbally and in writing, receive feedback and authorization
    • Implement first stages of alumni outreach plan
  • General Publicity
    • Design your own a marketing project for GSA.

This paid position is open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled at UC Davis during Winter 2017 and/or Spring 2017.

Application packet should contain: 1) Cover Letter, 2) Resume/CV 3) 200-300 description of how you would tackle one of the projects above. E-mail packet to Katrina Brock (gsachair@ucdavis.edu) in PDF format by November 1, 2016.


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