Weekly Announcements November 6th – 12th

GSA Announcements:

  1. Chair’s Update on the Chancellor Search Part II
  2. Professional Degree Tuition Increases
  3. Life Theatre: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention
  4. Getting the Most out of Your Mentorship
  5. Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee
  6. “Facing Fear” – Film Screening and Moderated Dialogue
  7. Grad Yoga and Zumba
  8. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

GSA Announcements:

1. Chair’s Update on the Chancellor Search Part II

Chair’s Update on the Chancellor Search Part II

UC President’s Response to GSA Resolution. ASUCD stands with GSA. UC Student Body Presidents speak with UC President. GSA General Assembly conditionally authorizes Search Advisory Committee representative to resign.

UC President Responds to GSA Resolution

On October 18, UC President Janet Napolitano send a letter in response to the GSA resolution condemning the chancellors search.

Full Text Here

tl;dr excerpts

  • “I value broad engagement by the Davis community in a process as consequential as this one to the campus. In particular, I am eager for high levels of student engagement.”
  • “Beyond the fact that this process is consistent with Regents Policy, it is designed to produce the very best outcome for the campus.”

Clarifications on Information in Letter

  • The correct spelling of my name is Brock. (Source: Personal Identification)
  • ASUC is Berkeley’s student government and as far as I am aware has not been involved in engagement efforts for Davis’ Chancellor search. ASUCD is UC Davis’ undergraduate student government which I believe is the organization she is referring to throughout the letter. (Source: ASUC, ASUCD websites)
  • UC Davis GSA was not consulted on the selection of students to speak at Campus Day. I was invited to speak. (Source: E-mail, phone, and in person communications with AVC Milton Lang’s staff)
  • The town hall referred to in the the third bullet was jointly hosted by GSA and ASUCD. This town hall was open to all students and attended by both graduate and undergraduate students. (Source: Publicity relating to town hall including flier, facebook event, and e-mail sent to all students.)
  • Regarding the statement “I understand the Davis Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Milton Lang, worked with ASUC President, Alex Lee, to develop a survey that could be sent to all students regarding what they hope to see in a new Chancellor.”,  I believe this refers to the “What do we want to see in our next chancellor?” communication tool. This tool was develop by UC Davis Academic Senate in consultation with ASUCD, GSA, and Staff Assembly. It was implemented by UC Davis Strategic Communications.  (Source: E-mail, documentation, and in person communication with Edwin Arevalo, Executive director of Academic Senate) AVC Milton Lang did discuss this survey with ASUCD President Alex Lee in addition Alex Lee’s direct communication with Academic Senate. (Source: In person communication with Alex Lee)

ASUCD Stands with GSA

On October 23, ASUCD voted to pass a resolution condemning the chancellor search mirroring the resolution passed by our General Assembly at the last meeting.

Full Text Here

Council of President’s Meeting

On October 26, the chancellor search was the top item on the agenda at fall quarter UC Council of Student Body Presidents meeting with UC President Janet Napolitano. Our discussion included the following topics:

  • Amending Regents’ policy to require inclusion of Student Regent, Student Regent Designate, or Student Adviser
  • Concern about diversity of candidates being considered
  • Potential release of anonymized data on candidate demographics, experience, viewpoints (eg Yes/No response regarding issues impacting the campus).

As she did on Campus Day, UC President Napolitano assured me that the role of the the search firm, the search advisory committee, and the faculty subcommittee would be publicly released. She was surprised to learn that the UC Davis website on the chancellor search still lists the town halls as upcoming and does not have the information on the mechanics of how the search is being conducted. She also stated that she would not recommend a candidate who was red-lighted by the search committee.

GSA Authorizes Search Advisory Committee Representative to Resign

At their November 2 meeting, the GSA General Assembly voted unanimously to authorize Brian Riley to submit his two-week notice of resignation from the search advisory committee for the next UC Davis chancellor to the chair of the committee, Janet Napolitano. If submitted, the notice will remain in effect until the following concessions are agreed to:

  • Chair Napolitano agrees to run the committee meetings according to Robert’s Rules, including submitting a proposed agenda for each meeting in advance.
  • Chair Napolitano agrees that non-committee members (including employees of the private search firm) shall not speak during committee meetings unless asked for points of clarification.
  • Chair Napolitano agrees to immediately release a list of demographics of the current candidate pool (including ethnicity, gender, and current position title) and will release updated information after every meeting.
  • Chair Napolitano agrees to immediately release a statement on the role of the faculty subcommittee, the full committee, and the search firm.
  • Chair Napolitano agrees that no candidates will be invited to be interviewed or considered to be finalists unless they have been first approved by the committee.

2. Professional Degree Tuition Increases

Professional Degree Tuition Increases

Tuition increases are being proposed for MD, MPH, Bioinformatics, and Nursing programs.

View Proposals Here

MD proposal is a new 3-year plan for increases. The other three programs are increases in accordance with their established 3-year plans.

According to UC Davis Director, Academic Budget and Policy “The submission is due to UCOP on November 10th, so if you do gather any comments we would need to have them before then, although we may be able to submit more to UCOP up to a week or so after that date if necessary.”

Any comments can be sent to GSA Chair Katrina Brock (gsachair@ucdavis.edu) or Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies Kellie Butler (ksbutler@ucdavis.edu).

3. Life Theatre: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention

November 16, 2016, Davis Campus Memorial Union, MU II9:30 am–11:30 am

By popular demand, Life Theatre Services is coming back to campus! Come take part in an engaging program that will challenge your perceptions of sexual harassment and explore topics of sexual violence. You’ll get your AB 1825 credit, while participating in an interactive theatrical program that mixes serious education and learning with humor, entertainment and spirited discussion.

This training program satisfies AB1825 AND the UC employee requirement for annual Sexual Violence Prevention training. Space is limited and registration is available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Emmy Award winning Life Theatre Services presents an exhilarating, educational and fun alternative to online sexual harassment training. The time will fly by and you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the issues and how they affect individuals, both personally and professionally.


Enroll on-line: http://lms.ucdavis.edu

Search for “Life Theatre”sdps@ucdavis.edu (530) 752-1766

4. Getting the Most out of Your Mentorship

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 3:00pm – 4:30pm, DeCarli Room, 2nd Floor, Memorial Union. Please RSVP at https://goo.gl/forms/KyJbGP2nr7gIBRVr1

 A great mentorship experience can have far-reaching benefits that may help a graduate student not only to succeed, but also excel!  Yet few know how to successfully tap into this unique relationship or how to get the most out of this experience by being a great mentee.

Join us for this 90 minute workshop which will help you unlock the many benefits and strategies of becoming a great mentee.  Together we will examine what makes a strong mentor-mentee relationship and how you can build this relationship in a way that will create long-lasting benefits for both you and your mentor.

 Instructor: Josephine Moreno, Ph.D.

Josephine Moreno, Ph.D., is the new Graduate Diversity Officer for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) at UC Davis. Dr. Moreno is returning to UC Davis where she earned her B.S. in Textiles and Clothing and later held a position as a postdoctoral scholar from 1995-1996. After earning her doctoral degree in Textiles and Clothing from Iowa State University, Dr. Moreno was an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses, and supervised Master’s graduate students.  For the past 12 years, Dr. Moreno has held the position of Graduate Diversity Director for the Arts & Humanities Division in the College of Letters & Science at UC Berkeley.  Dr. Moreno has extensive experience working closely with prospective and current graduate students from diverse populations on financial, academic and personal matters.

5. Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee

Did you know that there are graduate student representatives on the university’s Transportation and Parking Administrative Advisory Committee (TPAAC)? TPAAC assists the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning and Community Resources in the formulation of policies and procedures related to the overall transportation program of the Davis campus including vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic circulation patterns, and parking facilities and programs as well as the operations and services of the University Airport. As your representatives, we would love to hear your suggestions, comments, and concerns. Feel free to contact us at tpaacgradreps@gmail.com.

6. “Facing Fear” – Film Screening and Moderated Dialogue


7. Grad Yoga and Zumba



8. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Coffee Bagel Donut Day Friday November 11th 8:30 -10:30 am, South Silo! Come get your fill of coffee, donuts, bagels, watermelon, bananas, make your own oatmeal, and tea!