GSA Weekly Announcements, November 14th-20th

GSA Announcements:

  1. Chair’s Update on the Chancellor Search, Part III
  2. GSA Representative Numbers
  3. Imagining America Graduate Student Lead Position
  4. CARE Education and Outreach Specialist
  5. Call for Blum Grant Applications
  6. Difficult Conversations in Grad Student Mentorship
  7. Establish a Presence in the Classroom
  8. Wellness Carnival
  9. Science is Awesome Night
  10. Grad Yoga and Zumba
  11. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

GSA Announcements:

1. Chair’s Update on the Chancellor Search, Part III

Student Regent Marcela Ramirez has been appointed to the Search Advisory Committee.

Letter from Regents to Napolitano

The UC Davis Chancellor Search website has been updated. This update includes demographics of the current candidate pool and information on the role of the faculty subcommittee, the full committee, and the search firm.

2. GSA Representative Numbers

The representative numbers for the grad groups has been officially updated on this page:

Please direct any concerns to

3. Imagining America Graduate Student Lead Position

Seeking Graduate Student GSR / IA PAGE Fellow (Publicly Active Graduate Education)

UC Davis is thrilled to be the next host institution for Imagining America (IA). As the next IA institutional home, we have the honor to host the 2017 Imagining America National Conference from October 12-14.

We are seeking a graduate student lead who will play a major role in shaping and organizing the 2017 National Conference at UC Davis. This opportunity is open to all graduate students working at the intersection of arts and humanities. Graduate students at all stages of their MA/MFA/PhD programs may apply. Applicants must be graduate students during the entire year leading up to the conference.  

For interested graduate students, please send a 1-page letter of interest that outlines the following: your background, research interests, and relevant experience; interest in being a liaison between Imagining America and UC Davis; and some of your interests in conceptualizing the 2017 National IA conference. This is a funded position.

The funding type (GSR or hourly) and time required and duration have not been confirmed yet. In prior years, the GSL position was approximately 50% and the duration was 12 months prior to the conference. We are hoping to have this position be similar but cannot confirm any details.

Please email the letter of interest to Melanie Norris no later than November 28th.

For students interested in attending a Town Hall at 1pm on November 17, please contact Melanie.

Space is limited so you must RSVP to me. There will be ongoing meeting opportunities going forward and you can be added to the communication list if you’d like.

4. CARE Education and Outreach Specialist

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to announce that the UC Davis Center for Advocacy, Resources and Education (CARE) is currently hiring for an Education and Outreach Specialist.  I would really love it if you all would share this posting with your networks.

The Education and Outreach Specialist for CARE will develop, plan, organize, deliver, and assess educational programs, including violence prevention education, new student orientation, the CARE peer-to-peer education program, and outreach and awareness events related to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and CARE program services.  The Education and Outreach Specialist also assists survivors of sexual violence by providing confidential crisis intervention and advocacy.

The final filing date is November 22, 2016.  The Requisition Number is 03017874.  A link to the position is listed below:

We will also be recruiting for a new Victim Advocacy Specialist later this month… I’ll keep you all posted when that goes up on the UC Davis Jobs site.


Sarah Meredith


Center for Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE)*

University of California, Davis

(530) 754-6389

*Formerly known as Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP)

5. Call for Blum Grant Applications


6. Difficult Conversations in Grad Student Mentorship
Tuesday, Nov. 29 | 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
UC Davis Student Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room

The ability to conduct difficult conversations is critical to the success of a faculty mentor. These conversations often have a direct impact on the career development, productivity and professional relationships of graduate students. Though the need for these conversations is often clear, addressing sensitive issues can be daunting. In the second event of the 2016-2017 Faculty Mentor Seminar Series, a panel of UC Davis experts will provide strategies for conducting a wide range difficult conversations with graduate student mentees.

The Panel includes:

  • Bai-Yin Chen
    Psychologist and Coordinator of Group Services
  • Katherine Greenwood
    Director, Ombuds Office
  • Donald Dudley
    Director, Office of Student Support & Judicial Affairs
  • Jeff Gibeling
    Professor and former Vice Provost of Graduate Education / Dean of Graduate Studies

7. Establish a Presence in the Classroom


8. Wellness Carnival


Thursday, November 17
5:30–7:30 PM in the ARC Ballroom!
Learn about the eight dimensions of wellness from over 30 organizations and departments. Participate in games to score free raffle prizes and food! Come hang out and learn how you can put your personal wellness first!

9. Science is Awesome Night

On February 21st 2017, 4:30 pm, River City High School, we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Science Is Awesome Night! We are looking for scientists, or anyone in any related field, for a few roles:
First, we are looking for 10 individuals who would be willing to “judge” our science fair. They are in high school and complete these after school so they are not spectacular; but they do try quite hard. We would appreciate feedback for the students because a few weeks later they will compete in the regional science fair.
Secondly, we are looking for as many professionals as possible to “host” a booth. We usually have a couple hundred people show up to this portion. It is a convention-style presentation, where people wonder to any booth they choose and learn about different careers in the STEM fields. We invite professionals to bring themselves, teams, handouts, equipment, demos, etc. Anything they choose!
For more information contact: Marlaina Schroeder,

10. Grad Yoga and Zumba



11. Coffee Bagel Donut Day


Coffee Bagel Donut Day Friday November 18th 8:30 -10:30 am South Silo! Come get your fill of coffee, donuts, bagels, watermelon, bananas, make your own oatmeal, and tea!