GSA Weekly Announcements, November 21st-27th

GSA Announcements:

  1. Crafting a Teaching Statement, Phd Unlimited
  2. Graduate Students of Color Mentor Program Information Session
  3. Statement on the Importance of Science in Governance
  4. Spring Break! Global Student Embassy’s Reforestation Project
  5. Grad Yoga and Zumba

GSA Announcements:

1. Crafting a Teaching Statement, Phd Unlimited
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Location: 228 Voorhies

The PhD Unlimited lunchtime series presents “Crafting a Teaching Statement” – a workshop presentation led by Kem Saichaie, Ph.D. Associate Director of the Center for Educational Effectiveness.

This monthly series on graduate careers takes a broad approach to professional development tailored to the needs of students in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences.

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP to Becky Wilson at
This event is sponsored by Davis Humanities Institute
For more information please contact: Becky Wilson at

2. Graduate Students of Color Mentor Program Information Session
Tuesday November 22nd
SCC Meeting Room D
1:30PM – 2:30PM

Organized by the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center, the GSoC Mentor Program is a two-quarter program run in Winter and Spring 2017 with the goal of enhancing the retention of UC Davis graduate students from historically marginalized communities by helping students identify and address barriers to student success in graduate education.

Graduate students in the mentor program are paired with faculty mentors who assist and advise them through the process of navigating graduate school and beyond, emphasizing issues facing graduate students of color. The GSoC Mentor Program also provides social- and academic-oriented events in order to holistically support and empower its graduate student scholars of color.

Join us to learn more about this opportunity including how to apply, hear from former participants, and share your ideas for programming tailored to the specific needs of graduate students of color. All disciplines are encouraged to attend. Hope to see you there!

Snacks and beverages will be provided. For more information please visit our webpage or email the Cross Cultural Center’s Graduate Student Retention Coordinator (Reema Cherian) at

3. Statement on the Importance of Science in Governance

Cabinet appointments are confirmed by the senate with a simple majority vote. A few concerned UC Davis science graduate students have organized an effort to call upon our senators to confirm candidates who have a record of evidence-based governance and decision-making for relevant cabinet positions, especially those pertaining to science and the environment (head of EPA, Sec. of the Interior, etc). This is not an effort to undermine, disparage, or oppose any individual, group, or party — rather it is an effort for concerned scientists and science advocates to remind our representatives how important scientific reasoning and literacy is for cabinet appointees.

We are organizing to:
1) Draft a consensus statement on the importance of science in governance with the goal of encouraging other universities and scientific advocacy groups to do the same.
2) Provide resources for citizens to write, call, and visit their senators to encourage the appointment of cabinet members who prioritize evidence-based, science-friendly governance.

We are hoping for our reach to extend beyond the UC Davis campus and are seeking input, advice, and contacts to build a nationwide network of concerned citizens and scientists willing to work towards science-friendly governance in our executive branch. We’ve put together a quick survey to gauge interest from the larger community in participating in this effort.

We understand that this is not a top priority for everyone. If you are interested in this issue but don’t feel that you have time to participate extensively, we encourage you to fill out the survey, and maybe make a phone call or two.

Survey link is here:

4. Spring Break! Global Student Embassy’s Reforestation Project

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that you have been learning here at Davis to benefit a community in Ecuador. The deadline to register is Wednesday, November 23rd so sign up now!

Come join us in our efforts in Ecuador this coming Spring Break! Global Student Embassy’s reforestation project works with the community of Bahia de Caraquez in the coastal province of Manabi to restore degraded sections of the ‘Cordillera del Balsamo’, one of last semi-intact sections of Tropical Dry Forest in Ecuador. The goal of our projects is to not only address the environmental issues that affect the community of Bahia, but to use this intercultural exchange as a way to inspire both local and visiting students to learn about and protect the environment that we live in. Each year university students work in collaboration with Ecuadorian leaders and students on projects such as building tree nurseries, painting murals, reforestation, and many other efforts that benefit their community, remember that this year the university was able to get a house from Outer Banks real estate sales fro the students, so we will be having plenty of room.

There is room for 15-20 folks, so sign up now while there are still spots! More trip information can be found at:

More detailed info about the project: 

You can register at

Feel free to share/invite others that you think would be interested, or people that you want to go with you to Ecuador

Thanks and look forward to seeing you soon!
Kenneth Berreman
Feel free to email/call/text me with any questions.

5. Grad Yoga and Zumba