GSA Announcements – Winter Break

GSA Announcements:

    1. Run for office — GSA Chair
    2. Fall Travel Awards
    3. Become a Teaching Assistant Consultant
    4. Now Accepting Applications! Summer Field Course in Sri Lanka
    5. Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Student Conference

GSA Announcements:

1. Run for office — GSA Chair

Reminder: Nominations are open for GSA Chair!

The General Assembly will be electing a Chair of the GSA at the January meeting (1/11/17 in 1002 Giedt Hall).  To be eligible for the Chair position, you must be in a GSA-represented graduate/professional program and be in good standing (e.g. GPA is 3.0 or above).  You must be able to serve the remainder of the term (until June 30, 2017).  The Chair also serves an additional 6 months from July to December as an ex-officio member of the following Executive Council.
To nominate someone or yourself, email

2. Fall Travel Awards

Fall Travel awards will be announced after Graduate Studies makes their Travel Award announcements. The awardees will be notified before January 1st.
All the best,

Treasurer, UC Davis Graduate Student Association

3. Become a Teaching Assistant Consultant

The Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) program is hiring! The TAC program is a professional development paid fellowship to prepare graduate students for careers in college teaching and help foster effective, inclusive teaching practices across campus.

TAC Fellows can expect to:

  • Participate in ongoing learning and professional development opportunities.
  • Receive a quarterly fellowship of $1,500 (note: this fellowship does NOT count toward your TA or GSR work percentage).
  • Gain valuable experience for a career in college teaching.
  • Provide one-on-one consultations for Teaching Assistants and Associate Instructors.
  • Collaboratively facilitate workshops for Teaching Assistants and Associate Instructors.

Applications are due by January 20th.  Visit our website to learn more and to apply:


4. Now Accepting Applications! Summer Field Course in Sri Lanka

5. Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Student Conference

Call for Papers!

The Stories We Tell: Forceful Discourses and the Veracity of Narrative(s)
Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Student Conference
University of California, Merced
April 22nd 2017

This conference seeks to expand our existing perspectives and practices, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, to illuminate a wider view of what can be discussed with rigor beyond what we currently consider critical scholarship and who or what can participate in it. We question what counts as narrative, the devices and structures that legitimate it, and who decides what stories we are allowed to tell. How do we engage with the stories that are already told, and how might we mitigate lost narratives or narratives that have never been told? How do we speak from an Archive of erasure? What archival gaps remain to be populated with these abandoned voices? How do we challenge narratives that speak falsely? Considering the Anthropocene and the retroactive erasure it has wrought, can we find alternative post-human narratives to tell more truth than we ourselves may be comfortable facing or want to understand?

Possible presentation topics include but are by no means limited to the following, and we encourage topics that straddle the borderlines of conventional classification:

Post-humanism and the non-human
The intervention and impact of technology on narrative
Religion, philosophy, and theology
Disciplinary disruptions and their effect on storytelling
The problems imposed by disciplinary structures and intellectual precursors Transcultural studies
Narratives of resistance, captivity, and those that are hidden, silenced, or hitherto untold Autobiography
(Pre)historic memory and social imagination
Deployment of digital archives, and the ramifications of increasingly availability information
Translation and cross-cultural, cross-national, cross-species communication
Bare life and non-life

Please submit 300 word abstracts for: individual papers, presentation, poster, or panel proposals, along with a brief CV, or any questions to:

For more information, please visit our website at: The deadline to submit a proposal is February 17th 2017.

The  Keynote Speaker at the Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Student Conference will be Dr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry, who is currently an Associate Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University and a Visiting Fellow in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University. Her research focuses on race, gender and social movements in the Americas, urban geography and questions of citizenship, black women’s intellectual history, and the interrelationship between scholarship, pedagogy and political engagement. Winner of the National Women’s Studies Association 2014 Gloria E. Anzaldúa Book Award, her first book Black Women against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil (fall 2013, Minnesota Press) is an ethnographic study of black women’s activism in Brazilian cities, specifically an examination of black women’s participation and leadership in neighborhood movements for land and housing rights in the northeastern Brazilian city of Salvador. She is currently writing her second book, Anthropology for Liberation: Research, Writing and Teaching for Social Justice.