GSA Weekly Announcements, January 16th-22nd

GSA Announcements:

    1. The General Assembly Elects a New GSA Chair
    2. Run for GSA Vice-Chair!
    3. Be the Next UC Student Regent!
    4. Mentorship: Drafting a Message to Grad Group Chairs
    5. Join the FundTheUC Campaign
    6. CFP: The Feminist Research Institute
    7. The UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference
    8. Professors for the Future – Information Session
    9. Center of Educational Effectiveness – Graduate Teaching Community
    10. Teach In!
    11. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

GSA Announcements:

1. The General Assembly Elects a New GSA Chair
Katrina Brock, 2016 Chair and 2015-2016 Vice Chair, completed her degree in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group. Elections to fill the GSA Chair vacancy occured on January 11th at the first General Assembly meeting of the 2017 year. Carlos A. Ruvalcaba, 2016 Vice Chair, was elected at GSA Chair for the remainder of the 2017 term.

Here is a statement from Carlos:
Dear Graduate Student Association,

It is my pleasure to continue serving the graduate student body as Chair of the GSA. In the previous 6 months serving as your Vice Chair, I have seen the incredible power of the student body, the commitment from the Executive Council, and the continued work that we must accomplish. In particular, graduate students must be willing to invest the time to shape what we, the GSA Executive Council, pursues as meaningful dialogue with UC Davis and UC System administrators and Academic Senate faculty. Those conversations are evolving with every voice that is shared, and student concern that is brought to light.

I will continue to help support the efforts that my predecessor, Katrina, began to improve student-advisor relationships so that the graduate school experience is positive. The transition has been quick and productive for Laura Emberson, our treasurer, who has taken this responsilibity and is showing great enthusiasm. Further, my involvement with the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium (IGPS) 2016 showed me the need for reevaluating our execution of a GSA staple event. I plan to work along side Matthew Mayeda, our Campus Organizing Director, to generate any new ideas and careful consultation with the Office of Graduate Studies for a successful IGPS 2017. Working along side administration and senate faculty requires that we keep a careful eye on all student’s concerns, while helping make the process of change as least resistant as possible. Our wonderful Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor, Sarah Messbauer, has been instrumental in shaping the tone of conversations with the Office of Graduate Studies. I hope to work with her closely to make her project, The Great Big Graduate Review, a success. We as graduate students live our experiences and sharing them with administrators would only help us address the concerns that we advocate for on your behalf. We hope to build a stronger community as Laura McGowan, our Public Relations Officer, plans to work closely with Matthew Mayeda to make space for students to destress, think proactively about mental health and wellbeing, and have fun while living as graduate students. Student housing concerns are at a forefront of issues that Jonathan Favero, our Secretary, has taken a personal interest in. Whichever direction administration takes with respect to housing, Jonathan and I will make sure to bring our concerns as graduate students to the table. Our relationship with graduate advocacy groups at the national, state, and local levels is stronger through the leadership of Amory Meltzer, our External Chair. Along with Amory, our own UC Davis graduate student, former Chair, and current University of California Student Association President, Ralph Washington Jr. continues to build strong relationships across the state with other UC Graduate Students.

I feel privileged to work with such a supportive Executive Council to represent the UC Davis General Assembly and graduate student body. I hope to be as successful as previous GSA Chairs, because due to their hard work, our position to accomplish great things is at a reachable distance. I wish you all a great 2017, and hope that we can create a better environment for us, graduate students, to strive and reach our full potential.

2. Run for GSA Vice-Chair!

Nominations are now open for GSA Vice-Chair!

The General Assembly will be electing a Vice-Chair of the GSA at the February meeting (2/1/17 in 1002 Giedt Hall).  To be eligible for the position, you must be in a GSA-represented graduate/professional program and be in good standing (e.g. GPA is 3.0 or above).  You must be able to serve the remainder of the term (until June 30, 2017).  The Vice-Chair also serves an additional 6 months from July to December as an ex-officio member of the following Executive Council.
To nominate yourself or someone else, email  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

3. Be the Next UC Student Regent!

This is your chance!  The UC Student Regent serves and votes in the UC Regents and is heavily involved in the decisions that affect UC Davis and the entire UC system.  This is a two year appointment — one year as the Student Regent-Designate and the second as the Student Regent.

The Student Regent-Designate Paul Monge will be visiting UC Davis for an infosession on January 23rd, so make sure to attend if you’re interested!  The application itself is due February 26th, go to for more information!

4. Mentorship: Drafting a Message to Grad Group Chairs

The new point person for GSA Mentorship Initiatives is going to hold a one time meeting to discuss grad group chair responsibilities to monitor problematic faculty behavior. Doing this can protect students from unhealthy mentorship practices. The purpose of the meeting will be to draft a unified message to convince grad group chairs to engage on this issue.

For more information contact,

5. Join the FundTheUC Campaign

The Regents’ proposed budget for the UC includes an increase in tuition, while the Governor’s proposed budget includes only a small increase in state funding for the UC.  If you think either of these proposals is unacceptable, visit to sign the petition, call a legislator, and get involved!  Fund the UC is a standing campaign of UCSA, the UC Student Association.

6. CFP: The Feminist Research Institute

The Feminist Research Institute invites proposals from UC Davis graduate students for summer funding whose work engages with feminism or takes a feminist approach in their research. Projects should seek to realize the potential of feminism to ask new questions, develop new methodologies, provoke innovative practices, create new connections, reach out to communities, and engage new audiences. 

This includes projects that integrate a feminist approach described as follows:
·       Address gender, sexuality, class, ability, or ethnicity from an intersectional    perspective;
·       Analyze power dynamics that contribute to inequality with attention to gender;
·       Draw from feminist theoretical and methodological frameworks to inform the design and execution of research (i.e. examine power dynamics in collection, interpretation or presentation of data or address position of researcher in generating research framework);
·       Seek to challenge gender norms in a field or otherwise reduce gender inequalities.

Funding may be used to support research-related travel and expenses, writing and project development support (including living expenses), or attendance at and travel to workshops or summer institutes. 

Who Can Apply: UC Davis graduate students completing their terminal degrees (PhD and MFA) at any stage in their graduate career with a clearly defined research project. Must graduate no earlier than December 2017.
Award Amount: Up to $2,000
Application Deadline: January 15, 2017 February 15, 2017
Award Announcement: Late February 2017 Late March 2017
Funding Time Frame: June 2017 – September 2017

How to Apply: Submit completed application materials via email to, with the subject line “2016-17 Graduate Summer Fellowship Application.” All applications should include the following information:
·       Project Description (up to 700 words) Describe the work to be carried out in summer 2017, and how these activities integrate a feminist approach. Share how the summer project relates to your overall research agenda, the relevance of your research to a field of study, and the potential for broader social impact.
·       CV (max 2 pages) Include name, email, degree program, and main advisor contact.
·       Budget (max 1 page) Provide itemized budget details and brief narrative of how funds will be used to carry out research work or travel in summer 2017. 

Evaluation Criteria: Applications will be reviewed by the FRI Board of Directors based on the following criteria:
·       Importance of research question and academic relevance of topic;
·       Degree to which feminist approaches are foundational to and integrated in the project;
·       Clear, achievable activities that address the broader research plan;
·       Potential broader social impact of research.

Awarded graduate students are expected to become FRI affiliates and share a research poster of their summer work at a fall 2017 reception hosted by FRI.

7. The UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference

The UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference is taking place at UC Irvine, February 10-12th. To view the conference website, visit: For registration information, visit: To view the workshop form, visit:

Please RSVP through this Facebook Event:

8. Professors for the Future – Information Session


9. Center of Educational Effectiveness – Graduate Teaching Community


The aim of this group is to provide a space for graduate students and post-docs on the UC Davis campus to feel supported in their efforts to become better teachers. This is a place to discuss learning and teaching philosophy and practice. We meet with the purpose of creating opportunities for collaborative interdisciplinary professional development in a community of practice.


  • Do you want to know what the research on learning shows?  To discuss implementation of instruction and high impact strategies that lead to better learning outcomes?
  • Do you want to equip yourself with the language and skills of sound learner-centered, research-based pedagogy?
  • Do you want to add certificates of participation to your CV — to provide talking points in potential interviews that may differentiate you from similarly situated candidates in the job market?
  • Do you want to collaborate with graduate students outside of your home departments and/or learning groups?

If you answer “yes” to any (or all) of these questions…our Graduate Teaching Community is an opportunity for you.

Winter 2017
Weekly Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 12:10-1:00 (snacks provided)
1st Meeting:  Tuesday, January 17
Location: Surge 3 (The Grove), Room 1352

Questions? Want to get on the GTC list-serb? Contact one of our co-facilitators: Michelle at micro@ucdavis.eduGabe at 

10. Teach In!

Teach In_11x17.jpg

11. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Come get your fill of coffee, tea, donuts, bagels, fruit, and make your own oatmeal this Friday 8:30-10:30amSouth Silo!