In Solidarity with the UC Davis Muslim Community

Fellow Graduate Students,
As many of you know, an incident of hate and violence occurred early Sunday morning at the Davis Islamic Center. Part of the Davis Muslim Community and many members of the student population, both graduate and undergraduate, find sanctuary in their place of worship. As GSA Chair, I feel saddened that such events can occur so close to this community that many of us call home. Unfortunately, this is a truth that occurs in communities all over the country.

Many campus resources have been working with administration and students to help establish support for those affected by this terrible event. As your GSA Executive Council, we would like to make ourselves available to the UC Davis Muslim Community. There is much work to be done during trying times such as those ahead of us. Please reach out to us, let us know how we can represent your voice louder. We are here to listen, and we are here on your behalf.

Carlos A. Ruvalcaba

GSA Chair


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