GSA Weekly Announcements, February 20th-26th

GSA Announcements:

    1. REMINDER: Town Hall Meeting with Interim Chancellor Hexter
    2. Run for GSA Vice-Chair!
    3. Lobby Sacramento with the UC Student Association
    4. GSA Ad Hoc Committee in Response to Political Climate
    5. CFP: Imagining America
    6. Reminder: Great Big Graduate Review
    7. Grad Student Yoga
    8. CBDD

GSA Announcements:

1. REMINDER: Town Hall Meeting with Interim Chancellor Hexter



2. Run for GSA Vice-Chair!
Nominations are still open for GSA Vice-Chair!

The General Assembly will be electing a Vice-Chair of the GSA at the March meeting (3/1/17 in 1002 Giedt Hall).  To be eligible for the position, you must be in a GSA-represented graduate/professional program and be in good standing (e.g. GPA is 3.0 or above).  You must be able to serve the remainder of the term (until June 30, 2017).  The Vice-Chair also serves an additional 6 months from July to December as an ex-officio member of the following Executive Council.
To nominate yourself or someone else, email  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

3. Lobby Sacramento with the UC Student Association

Each year, UCSA hosts the Student Lobby Day, which this year takes place from March 25-27.  This annual event brings UC students from all 10 campuses to the State Capitol for the opportunity to develop lobbying skills, learn more about issues affecting students and California higher education, and directly engage elected officials on these issues.  This is a great opportunity to represent graduate student needs. UCD can bring a handful of students, so if you would like to attend or have any questions, email and get involved!


4. GSA Ad Hoc Committee in Response to Political Climate

On February 1st, the GSA General Assembly authorized allocation of funds to respond to the needs of graduate student affected by the political climate, and the creation of this Ad Hoc Committee under the GSA Chair’s leadership. The immediate action will involve helping those scholars and graduate students affected by the Presidential Executive Order limiting entrance to the United States.

5. CFP: Imagining America

C.A.L.L. [Communities. Arts. Lands. Learning.]
This is a call for participation
A call for your ideas
And a call for our collective engagement

Imagining America 17th National Conference
Davis, California | October 12-14, 2017 | #IACALL2017
Submission deadline: March 20

We are in a period of pervasive polarization, in which fundamental issues of equity and inclusion are at stake. This extraordinary moment calls for an extraordinary vision of the future.

Higher education is well positioned to be a champion of engaged knowledges and learning. It offers the potential for community and higher education partnerships, the space for critical dialogue, and a platform for the cultural works and activism necessary for democracy. How can we answer the call to challenge inequities and work together toward co-creating the future we envision?

While all proposals that resonate with IA’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals will be considered, we especially seek creative session proposals that engage with Communities, Arts, Lands, and Learning (C.A.L.L.).

  • How does your work engage with communities?
  • How are you applying knowledges through the humanities, design, and arts?
  • How is your engaged research, placemaking, and practice and/or lived experience informed by different understandings of lands?
  • How might equity be advanced through engaged and creative ways of learning?

Submissions of past, ongoing, and speculative work are welcomed. Diversity and inclusiveness are key values of this conference, and the conference organizers want to receive any disabilities accommodations needed to support your full participation.

As a movement of publicly engaged artists, designers, students, scholars, and community members, the Imagining America consortium works towards the democratic transformation of higher education and civic life in pursuit of equity and social justice. This work draws on the bold power of the humanities, arts, and design—but welcomes all fields of interest—to address the pressing issues of our time: including, but not limited to, environmental justice, health access, homophobia, immigration, Islamophobia, labor equality, misogyny, class concerns, globalization, racism, transphobia, and xenophobia.

This gathering will create a space for all to come together and explore: What does democracy, social justice and equity mean to “us” – in an inclusive and fully participatory sense? How do we ensure a constructive relationship between knowledge and democracy? Whose lived realities become our shared her/histories? How can we challenge some of the conventional relationships that exist among knowledge, institutions, communities, and public life?

As Imagining America moves to UC Davis—a public land-grant founded with a mission to engage with its communities and to serve the public good of all Californians—we acknowledge that the university itself sits on historic Patwin land. Furthermore, the UC Davis community has been known for its value towards expression and activism with strong ties to local, regional, and national conversations in the public realm. In this context, we are seeking your thoughtful, critical, and artistic responses to the C.A.L.L. of our time.
Read the full call for proposals
Session formats
Submit a proposal

6. Reminder: Great Big Graduate Review


7. Grad Student Yoga



Come get your fill of coffee, tea, donuts, bagels, fruit, and make your own oatmeal this Friday 8:30-10:30amSouth Silo!