GSA Weekly Announcements, February 27th-March 5th

GSA Announcements:

    1. PASS Graduate Student Grant
    2. Graduate Writer’s Retreat
    3. Family Movie Night
    4. Art Therapy Night
    5. Bar Night
    6. Reminder: Great Big Graduate Review
    7. Grad Student Yoga
    8. CBDD

GSA Announcements:

1. PASS Graduate Student Grant

Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Solutions (PASS)
Applications Now Open at
Graduate student grants program

Deadline: March 31, 2017

Project grants are available for 2016-2017

The PASS small grants program provides seed funding to encourage engagement by graduate students at UC Davis in finding viable, tangible solutions for reducing poverty in the developing world.

The PASS grants program is intended to help transform solid concepts into pilot projects. We anticipate successful recipients of a PASS grant will pursue additional resources from other funding sources to continue their efforts.

PASS grants are offered campus wide. Any graduate and/or professional student may also apply. A faculty mentor/adviser is required.

Funding Available
Awards between $1,000 up to $4,000 will be made for successful grants.

For more info and updates, visit AND like us on Facebook


Email us at
Check out the Blum Center blog to read stories and experiences by past grant recipients

2. Graduate Writer’s Retreat

3. Family Movie Night



4. Art Therapy Night


5. Bar Night

Bar Night_2_Gravity_SMALL

Bring your friends to The Graduate for our monthly bar night! Open to all graduate and professional students. Post-docs and significant others are welcome also.

8:30-10:30, Wednesday, March 1st

6. Reminder: Great Big Graduate Review


7. Grad Student Yoga



Come get your fill of coffee, tea, donuts, bagels, fruit, and make your own oatmeal this Friday 8:30-10:30am South Silo! This week we’re featuring a visit from UCOP’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative.