Weekly Announcements: 12/4-12/8


  1. GSA Travel Awards
  2. Union Updates: Meeting 12/6 and Grade-In 12/12
  3. Title IX Student Advisory Board
  4. Follow Ups from Graduate Student Walk Out
  5. Food Access Resources
  6. GSA & LGBTQIA Resource Center Sponsored Yoga Tuesday
  7. CBDD



1. GSA Travel Awards

The Fall 2018 Travel Award is now accepting applications. GSA Travel Awards are used to help graduate students at UC Davis attend conferences and other professional development opportunities. The award is used for travel between January 1st – June 30th 2018. Deadline is January 5th, 2018. The maximum award amount is $500. Please distribute this message urgently and accordingly. Thank you!

To apply, please visit: 


2. UAW Updates

Dear Members,

Please join us Wednesday December 6 at 6:15pm to 8:00pm for our last union monthly membership meeting of the Fall quarter! The meeting will take place in Plant and Environmental Sciences Room 3001.

Accessibility info: PES 3001 is on the third floor. There is an elevator immediately when you enter the PES lobby. The building has gender neutral restrooms.

Food will be provided. This is a busy time in the quarter but we hope you can come and share your concerns about the tax plan, your vision for our new contract, and support our union’s efforts on a number of fronts.

Our meeting agenda includes:

  1. Report backs from the walk out last week and open discussion on fighting the tax plan and its impact on us as graduate student workers.
  2. Preview our bargaining team’s demands in the upcoming contract negotiations.
  3. Updates on our grade-in event, current grievances filed with the university, and plans to have a float in the picnic day parade.
  4. Vote on budget items.

Next week we will have a grade in action to show our student worker power and make our end of quarter finals labor more visible! Save the date for Tues Dec 12 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM at the MU to come and get some free coffee, co-work with your fellow TAs and make visible how our labor makes the university run. If you’d like to be involved with the planning and promotion, come to our last organizing meeting of the quarter, Wed Dec 6 10:30 AM at the GSA office in South Silo or email us davis@uaw2865.org


Hope to see you there!


In solidarity,


The elected officers of UAW 2865, Davis Unit

3. Apply to Represent Davis on Title IX Student Advisory Board

It’s your last chance to apply!

The University of California Systemwide Title IX office is establishing a Student Advisory Board (Title IX SAB) so students have a direct relationship with the Systemwide Title IX Office, which is the office responsible for the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. This board will advise the Systemwide Title IX Office regarding issues related to Title IX, including efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment (“SVSH”). Title IX SAB members will also engage students on their respective campuses regarding systemwide SVSH prevention and response efforts, and collect input from students to provide to the Title IX Office.
If you are interested in being a part of the Title IX Student Advisory Board, please click on this link and complete the application by December 8, 2017, 5:00 pm (PST). Successful applicants will be notified the first week of January 2018.

4. Follow Ups from Graduate Student Walk Out

Union Update:

We encourage members to sign and circulate our petition to Congress if you have not yet already, and also to call your Senators and urge them to fight to prevent this tax plan from passing. You can look up your Senators and their phone numbers here. Here is a short, to-the-point sample script for you to use when you call:

Hello, my name is [name]. I’m a member of the UC Student-Workers Union UAW 2865, and a constituent of [Senator] from [zip code]. I’m calling to urge your office to withhold business as usual until the GOP tax bill is defeated. This bill would transfer money from working- and middle-class folks to the rich. As a graduate/undergraduate student at UC [Campus], I am particularly concerned about the measures that would make higher education further out of reach for many people. I urge you to fight against the bill’s potential repeal of the Qualified Tuition Reduction in Section 117(d) in the tax code, its elimination of deductions for student loan interest, and its repeal of the Lifelong Learning Credit. Thank you for your efforts on this issue.


Thanks again to all who joined the #GradTaxWalkout. We will continue to work together to achieve free public higher education that is fully funded––not rendered inaccessible to all but the wealthy––by taxes.


In Solidarity,


UC Student-Workers Union UAW 2865 Executive Board


5. Food Access Resources

Several resources exist for students who are having difficulty affording healthy food.

You may be eligible for CalFresh, which can give up to $190/month to help with groceries.

Food is also available for students at the Pantry in lower Freeborn or through Fruit & Veggie Up – now located at the MU!


6. GSA & LGBTQIA Resource Center Sponsored Yoga


Join us tomorrow in Meeting Room D at the SCC for the last yoga class of the quarter!

it's a bowling birthday party



7. CBDD This Friday!

Join us for the final Coffee Bagel Donut Day of the quarter this Friday (12/8) from 8:30-10:30 in the GSA Office – 253 South Silo!

CBDD Flyer Fall 2017 (Letter)