Weekly Announcements: 3/12-3/16

  1. Nominations now open: AESGS & GSA Executive Council
  2. UAW Updates
  3. Chancellor’s Leadership Development Seminar Series 4/3
  4. Global Education for All Steering Committee seeking feedback
  5. GSoC All-Day Study Session 3/14
  6. Petition protesting planned VMCS closure
  7. UC Over-Enrollment Petition
  8. ESTEME’s 3rd Annual Diversity & Innovation Colloquium
  9. GSA & UAW Bar Night
  10. GSA Sponsored Pizza Party on Sacramento Campus 3/15
  11. Student Activism Funds Application Open
  12. GSA Clothing Exchange
  13. Food Access Resources
  14. GSA Sponsored Yoga
  15. CBDD

1. Nominations Open: AESGS and GSA Executive Council 

Now accepting nominations for 2018 GSA Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students:
Instituted in 2002, the AESGS seeks to recognize those who work diligently to advance the status of graduate students throughout UC Davis. We need your help to identify members of the staff, faculty, or administration that have demonstrated their commitment and resolve in pursuing graduate student interests. Nominees will be evaluated by the GSA assembly according to their merit and the winner will be presented with a plaque recognizing their hard work and a gift from the Association.Up to two recipients will be selected by the committee and presented to the GSA General Assembly for approval. Recipients will be presented with a plaque recognizing their hard work and a gift from the Association.

Selection Criteria. The committee will evaluate nominations based on how the nominee:
1) Promotes and supports both graduate students’ academic achievement and personal well-being;
2) Provides support that reaches a broad audience and has a significant impact on individual students; and
3) Contributes in ways that are above and beyond the scope and duties of the nominee’s position.

If you know someone deserving of this honor, please complete the nomination form below. Award winners will be selected in late April and the award ceremony will be held at the May general assembly meeting.


Nominations are open until 11:59 pm on April 18th.
GSA Executive Council Nominations are now open!
Make a difference as part of next year’s GSA by serving on the Executive Council! Nominations for leadership positions are now being accepted. Nominees must be graduate students in good standing who will not graduate before June 2019. Elections for next year’s board will be held at the May General Assembly meeting on May 2nd.
To nominate yourself or someone else, please send an email with the name of the individual and the position for which s/he is nominated to the Chair of the Elections Committee (Jeanelle Hope) at jkhope@ucdavis.edu

2. UAW Updates: Bargaining at Davis on 3/21-3/22

Bargaining is coming to Davis on Wed March 21 – Thur March 22!

As a democratic union dedicated to transparency, the UC Student-Workers Union invites all members and community allies to come to open bargaining sessions with administration as we negotiate a new employment contract for TAs/AIs/Tutors/Readers. Your involvement will be critical to the success of our demands. This will be the most important union event held at Davis all year, so now is the time to get involved!

March 16 – Bar Night & Sign Making Party @ 3rd & U from 5-7 pm

Join us for a bar night with GSA where we will also be making signs to prepare for bargaining at Davis the following week. Union members get a free beer, first come first serve! There will also be food provided by the GSA.


  • Come to open bargaining and bring your friends!Please confirm your attendance by filling out THIS FORM, and please forward this email so others can sign up to attend too! Showing our union’s strength and solidarity by packing the room is important for our success at the bargaining table.
  • Testify to your experiences! Sign up to testify or help present HERE. One of the most important and empowering aspects of open bargaining is when members speak directly to admin about their experiences under the current contract and why things need to change. We are more than happy to help you craft and prepare your statement if you need support.
  • Volunteer during bargaining! Sign up to volunteer HERE. We need some help to ensure bargaining at Davis goes as well as possible, including things like help with set up/clean up, picking up breakfast and lunch, checking people in throughout the day, and posting to social media.

What should you expect during open bargaining?

Day One (March 21) will be at Wyatt Pavilion Theater, which seats 200 people. We are trying to pack the room this day, particularly during the morning window from 9:30 – 12, so please prioritize coming then! During this day our union will tentatively be discussing Health & Safety demands and presenting testimonies from our members and allies on these topics. You are of course welcome to testify to other concerns during this window as well. In the afternoon from 12-4 pm we will have a picnic lunch and a grade-in, where we grade in public to make our labor more visible.

Day Two (March 22) location is still being decided, but our union will be focusing on topics relating to safe and accessible housing as well as topics affecting student worker parents or individuals with other dependents/spouses. Similarly, we will be trying to group testimony and presentation from union members and allies during the morning session. Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day.

Who can come to bargaining? 

Open bargaining means that any union member or community ally is welcome to attend! Come when you can, for as long as you can.


This is your union, and the only way that we can exercise our power to win a better contract is to stand and take action together. We look forward to seeing you at open bargaining!

In solidarity,

UC Student Workers Union

3. Chancellor’s Leadership Development Seminar Series 4/3

The Chancellor's Leadership Development Seminar Series (1)

4. Global Education for All steering committee seeking feedback

As part of the university’s Global Education for All Initiative, the steering committee has been tasked with developing a short statement of goals & outcomes for the project and for UCD undergraduates and grads. We’ve drafted this document, and are bringing it to major campus constituencies for review and feedback.

5. Graduate Students of Color All-Day Study Session: 3/14

The CCC and GAAAP would like to invite you all to attend the GSoC All-Day Study Session on March 14 from 10 am – 5 pm. RSVP here for lunch.

Inline image 1

 6. Petition regarding planned closure of Vet Med Central Services

The University has announced plans to close VMCS supply stores in Haring Hall and VetMed 3B as of June 1, 2018. Certain specialized services including pipet and balance calibration services are slated to close on March 30th.

A petition is being circulated to voice support for keeping these locations and services open. We ask that anyone whose research would be inconvenienced or adversely affected by this closure to sign.


7. UC Over-Enrollment Petition

As you may know, the California State Legislature mandated to increase enrollment UC wide by 10,000 students, while failing to provide adequate funding for each campus to accommodate such growth. It is our goal, and the goal of the University of California, to provide a high quality education to all students in the University of California system; however, this task becomes exponentially more difficult without the proper funds to support an increased number of students. This imposition transpires in different ways at each of the campuses, but the some of the most prominent have been lack of housing, food, transportation, psychological support services and classroom spaces, all of which have significant repercussions on student welfare and success.
My office has drafted a petition against over-enrollment at each of the University of California campuses, which can be found here. The results of the petition will be presented to the UC Regents at their meeting in March. We are currently circulating the petition around each UC campus to collect as many signatures as possible. We ask that you send this to your constituents, share this petition on social media and do whatever is best for publicizing this petition on your respective campuses. In addition, I will be sending out hard-copy flyers to your offices for you all to use at your discretion. Please take a few minutes out of your day to spread the word and sign the petition to help prevent further over-enrollment without adequate funding across the UC’s!

I recognize that you all are busy and have other priorities, so I am dedicated to making myself available to any assistance I can provide you with regards to this petition. Furthermore, if anyone has any questions, please direct them to me at suavpa@ucsc.edu.
All the best,
Jessica Xu

 8. ESTEME’s 3rd annual Diversity & Innovation Colloquium

Save the date for the 3rd annual Diversity & Innovation Colloquium, hosted by Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Entrepreneurship (ESTEME). Join ESTEME for a free one-day colloquium featuring talks and panel discussion from leading innovators in STEM and entrepreneurship! Registered attendees will have the opportunity to engage speakers during a catered lunch and networking reception. For more information, see our website at https://esteme.weebly.com/colloquium.html.


When: April 20, 2018, 10:30 am – 6:00 pm

Where: Multi-Purpose Room, Student Community Center

Register: https://goo.gl/forms/RVHxgNZefhJND1GD2


9. GSA + Union Bar Night 3/16

Join us for a bar night with GSA where we will also be making signs to prepare for bargaining at Davis the following week. Union members get a free beer, first come first serve! There will also be food provided by the GSA.

GSA Union bar night march 2018

10. GSA Pizza Party on Sacramento Campus 3/15

Are you Stressed out about Your Research and Upcoming Finals??
Join us at GSA Pizza Party on March 15, 2018, at 12:00 pm in 2401 Board Room, UC Davis Mind Institute Sacramento.

Fill this Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/7pgH1jg4OIKT4hAm1 or RSVP your Sacramento Service Coordinator Marwa Zafarullah at mzafarullah@ucdavis.edu by March 12, 2018.

P: S: There is a Free Intercampus Shuttle Passes for Attendees too. 🙂

GSA Pizza Party

11. Apply now for Student Activism funds!

The GSA Student Activism Budget is now open! –> https://gsa.ucdavis.edu/funding/studentactivism/

The Student Activism Fund is a source of funding for graduate student-initiated activism projects of significant interest or value to graduate students across campus. The GSA budget allocates $3,500 each year for all such projects; the amount offered to any one project is limited to $500*.

12. GSA Sponsored Clothing Exchange

The time for spring cleaning is upon us! From now until the end of the quarter, the GSA will be collecting contributions for a clothing exchange to be held on Friday, March 16th at the last CBDD of the Winter Quarter from 8:30-10:30 AM in South Silo 253. Please drop off contributions at CDBB before or on March 16th. Any contributions that remain after the exchange will be donated.


GSA Clothing Exchange WQ 2018

13. Food Access Resources

Several resources exist for students who are having difficulty affording healthy food.

You may be eligible for CalFresh, which can give up to $190/month to help with groceries.

Food is also available for students at the Pantry in lower Freeborn or through Fruit & Veggie Up – now located at the MU!


14. GSA & LGBTQIA Resource Center Sponsored Yoga this week!

Join us tomorrow evening at the SCC in Meeting Room D from 5-6:30 pm!

GSA Yoga Flyer_Winter 2018

15. CBDD

Join us this Friday for Coffee Bagel Donut Day at the GSA Office in South Silo!

CBDD Flyer Fall 2017 (Letter)