GSA Weekly Announcements: 10/15 – 10/19

  1. GSA+ LGBTQIA Resource Center Yoga
  2. Opportunities on campus committees – UPDATED
  3. Special projects applications are open
  4. Food Resources
  5. Voting Resources
  6. Police Town Hall
  7. Sacramento Farmers’ Market Meet-Up
  8. Mental Health resources
  9. Student Mental Health Coalition
  10. Fellowship opportunity
  11. Davis Farmers’ Market Evening
  12. CBDD

1. GSA + LGBTQIA Resource Center Yoga

Yoga classes for graduate students are provided by the GSA with the LGBTQIA Resource Center on Friday mornings, starting at 7:30 a.m. and lasting until 9. Classes will be in the Student Community Center, meeting room D.


2. Opportunities on campus committees.

1)  Orchard park project advisory committee (URGENT): This committee will meet once a month for one hour. The representative would also help solicit input from their peers on topics/questions that may come up. Emily Galindo (interim vice chancellor of student affairs) has requested this nomination.
2) Recruitment and Retention Organizing Committee (URGENT):  RROC is the governing board of the SRRC (Student Recruitment and retention Center) housed in the Student Community Center. RROC meets every Friday in Meeting Room A in the SCC from 10 am to 12 pm
3) Recruitment Advisory Committee (RAC) for the following:
   a) Associate Vice Chancellor Enrollment Management. As you may know, this position oversees Financial Aid, Undergraduate Admissions, and the Registrar. The RAC will advise Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor Hexter in recruitment and hiring of a replacement. The Provost hopes to have a representative of GSA on this RAC.  We would appreciate receiving nominations of 2-3 members of GSA who might be willing to serve on this RAC.
   b) The Dean of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.
4) Nomination is also requested for a representative on the following committees of Graduate council:
   a) Academic Freedom & Responsibility
   b) GC Welfare
   c) Affirmative Action & Diversity
   d) Undergraduate Instruction & Program Review
   e) International Education
   f) GC Program Review
   g) GC Academic Planning & Development
A representative for the grad council main body is also needed.
Please feel free to share this announcement with those in your networks.
To nominate yourself, please send an email with your name, major and the position you are interested in to Antash Najib ( Please direct all questions to the same address.

3. Special Projects applications are now open.

Departments and other groups seeking funds in order to host events or projects for graduate students can apply to the GSA Special Projects fund. Instructions for the application are on the linked webpage—be sure to proofread your budget and carefully read the guidelines for reimbursement.

4. Food Access Resources

Several resources exist for students who are having difficulty affording healthy food.

You may be eligible for CalFresh, which can give up to $190/month to help with groceries.

The Pantry in 21 Lower Freeborn Hall provides food for students, as does Fruit and Veggie Up in the MU!


5. Voting Resources

Voting Day is November 6th! The deadline to register to vote in California is October 22nd. You can register online in California, find the Voter Information Guide online, and if you’re not sure if you’re registered, check here!

Not a Californian? Check your status here, and register here!

6. Police Town Hall

A panel discussion on policing will occur on October 15th, in the ARC Ballroom at 12 p.m. Beverages and dessert will be provided.

The panel includes:

  • Dr. Shirley Weber, Assemblymember, California District 79
  • Alice A. Huffman, President, California Hawaii NAACP
  • B.B. Buchanan, Graduate Student (Sociology), UC Davis
  • Davares Robinson, Undergraduate Student (Political Science – Public Service), UC Davis
  • Alex Bustamante, Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, University of California

Registration is encouraged at

Please contact Bill Kuhlman ( with any questions.

7. Sacramento Farmers’ Market Meet-up

The GSA is holding weekly meet-ups at the Sacramento Farmers’ Market on October 10, 17, and 24 (Wednesdays) from 4 to 7 p.m.

GSA Farmer Market

8. Mental Health Resources

SHCS has added a new service, accessible to graduate students: for the duration of Fall quarter 2018, there will be FREE counseling, psychiatric, and medical services through the online service provider Live Health Online. This is free for the fall regardless of SHIP or insurance status. It is considered an off-campus referral and access is granted via a coupon code each time. Information and access are linked below:

9. Student Mental Health Coalition

Interested in advocating for mental health on campus? The Student Mental Health Coalition (SMHC) will be holding their first quarterly meeting on Thursday, October 18th from 7:30-9:00 PM in the Student Health and Wellness Center. All graduate, professional, and undergraduate students are encouraged to attend.

SMHC Quarterly Visual.jpeg

10. Fellowship Opportunity

The Insight Data Science company is offering fellowships to graduating Master’s and PhD students, and are recruiting Davis students. Their website has more information:

11. Davis Farmers’ Market Evening

Join the GSA on Wednesday, October 24th from 4:30-6:30 pm in Central Park for a Davis Farmer’s Market evening. We’ll be setting up camp to enjoy the fall weather, live music, and the company of our wonderful graduate student community. Food and drink will be provided courtesy of the GSA (vegan and gluten-free options will be available). We hope to see you there!

gsa famers market fall 2018

12. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Join us for Coffee, Bagels, and Donuts this Friday in the GSA Office (253 South Silo) from 8:30-10:30!