GSA Weekly Announcements: 4/29 – 5/3

  1. Patient Advocate
  2. LGBTQIA + GSA Yoga
  3. Coffee Bagel Donut Day
  4. Special Projects Fund
  5. Student Activism Fund


  1. “Pockets Change” Financial Basics Workshop, April 30th

Advocacy and Outreach

  1. UC Center: STEM Solutions in Public Policy Award
  2. Call for Participation: Survey for Mental Health and Well-being of Graduate Students at UC Davis

Positions and Opportunities

  1. Summer GSR- computer materials engineering
  2. Insight Fellows Program


  1. Food Access Resources
  2. Mental Health Resources
  3. Crowdsourced Changing Tables Map
  4. Sacramento Graduate Student listserv

GSA related/sponsored

1. Patient Advocate *

The GSA provides the service of a patient advocate for graduate students. A patient advocate is a person who helps one navigate hospital/medical bureaucracy, conversations with doctors and medical professionals, research and education on illness, and other tasks that may be daunting or overwhelming for a patient.

Kim Mcilnay is “our” patient advocate, and can be reached for a consultation at either (916) 500-4195 or

*The GSA can only pay Kim for services for graduate students.

2. GSA + LGBTQIA Resource Center Yoga

Yoga classes for graduate students are provided by the GSA with the LGBTQIA Resource Center on Friday mornings, starting at 7:30 a.m. and lasting until 9. Classes will be in the Student Community Center, meeting room D.

gsa yoga spring 2019

3. Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Join us for Coffee, Bagels, and Donuts this Friday in the GSA Office (253 South Silo) from 8:30-10!

4. Special Projects Fund

Departments and other groups seeking funds in order to host events or projects for graduate students can apply to the GSA Special Projects fund. Instructions for the application are on the linked webpage—be sure to proofread your budget and carefully read the guidelines for reimbursement.

5. Student Activism Fund

The Student Activism Fund is a source of funding for graduate student-initiated activism projects of significant interest or value to graduate students across campus. The GSA budget allocates over $3,000 each year for such projects; the amount offered to any one project is limited to $500.

You can find the application here.


1. “Pockets Change” Financial Basics Workshop

UC Davis Financial Basics Workshop Flyer (002)

Register for a Financial Basics Workshop at

April 30th from 11 am – 1 pm in the SCC, room D, the workshop will be led by Andrea Ferrero, Pamela Capalad, and Dyalekt. Snacks will be provided.

Advocacy and Outreach

1. STEM Solutions in Public Policy Award

UC Center Sacramento is pleased to announce the STEM Solutions in Public Policy Award.

This award will recognize one or more outstanding proposals for new California legislation from UC STEM graduate students. The winner(s) will receive a $250 research stipend and – should their bill advance through the legislative process – will travel to Sacramento to convene with Legislators and/or legislative staff (expenses covered by UCCS).

Submissions will be accepted until midnight Pacific time on June 14, 2019. Further information is available at UCCS STEM Solutions or on the UCCS website (

2. Call for Participation: Survey for Mental Health and Well-being of Graduate Students at UC Davis

This anonymous and voluntary survey aims to hear from graduate students about their perception on student mental-health and university efforts to aid the graduate student community. The results of the survey will be directed to increase awareness of graduate students’ mental health and to enhance mental health support services on campus. After submitting the survey you will have an option to enter a raffle to win 1 of 5 gift cards from Amazon ($50). The survey can be found here.

Positions and Opportunities

1. Summer GSR for Computer Materials-related engineering student

Possible GSR opportunity:

For continuing graduate students pursuing research in engineering, or continuing students from other disciplines, who are developing new computer-related applications and methods, such as materials science and nanotechnology, computational science, bioinformatics, and information technology. Visit the UC Davis Graduate Studies website for more information.

2. Insight Fellowship Program

Insight Data Science is offering fellowships to graduating students in a wide range of fields. The deadline is May 13th for September sessions.

he award is a 7-week, full-time training fellowship that will end in interviews with top companies: e.g., LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, The New York Times, Microsoft, etc.

You can apply here:

They are accepting applicants in the following fields:

  • Data Science  (for PhDs & Postdocs)
  •  Health Data Science  (for PhDs & Postdocs)
  • Data Engineering  (for all degree levels)
  • Artificial Intelligence  (for all degree levels)
  • Data Product Management  (for all degree levels)
  • DevOps Engineering  (for all degree levels)
  • Decentralized Consensus  (for all degree levels)


1. Food Access Resources

Several resources exist for students who are having difficulty affording healthy food.

You may be eligible for CalFresh, which can give up to $190/month to help with groceries.

The Pantry has moved to the information desk in the MU!

Also check out Fruit and Veggie Up at the Aggie Compass in the MU on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. Mental Health Resources

SHCS has options for online counseling, medical, or psychiatry appointments through UC SHIP. You can find preliminary information here.

3. Crowdsourced Changing Tables Map

The Child and Family Care Administrative and Advisory Committee have set up a crowdsourcing google form to find changing table locations at UC Davis.  If you know of any locations where there are changing tables, please let us know!  We would like to be able to provide a list and map for our community.

Here is the link:

Please add to the form with information on your building to assist your fellow students.

Below are locations already accounted for:


  • Vet Med Admin Building room 1006
  • Vet Med 3B first floor lobby Women’s restroom
  • Vet Med Center for Companion Animal Health Women’s restroom 114
  • VMTH Women’s restroom, 2194 and Gender Neutral restroom, 2196


  • The stadium has stations in both Men’s and Women’s restrooms
  • MU has changing stations in at least two bathrooms
  • Library has them in Men’s and Women’s restrooms on the first floor in SE wing
  • Student Community Center has one in the Women’s restroom
  • Shrem has one in the Gender Neutral restroom
  • Welcome Center has one in the back stall of the Women’s restroom
  • Buehler Alumni Canter has on the in the back stall of the Women’s restroom
  • Mondavi has one in the back stall in the Women’s restroom


  • King Hall has one in the Women’s Restroom
  • North Hall, where WRRC is housed has a station in the single stall restroom, 110
  • Nothing found in Dutton
  • Hart Hall has one in the Gender Neutral single stall restroom in NE corner, 1109
  • Earth and Physical Sciences has one inside the back stall in the Gender Neutral restroom
  • Lactation room in Cruess has one, 113

4. Sacramento Graduate Students listserv

For students who work primarily on the Sacramento campus, or those who simply are interested to be more connected to what is happening in Sacramento, there is a listserv for you. Sign up for If you have ideas for events on the Sacramento campus, please contact Marwa Zafarullah, Sacramento Services Coordinator, at