Agendas & Minutes


Assembly Agendas & Minutes

October: Agenda, Minutes
November: Agenda,


Assembly Agendas & Minutes

October: AgendaMinutes
November: Agenda, Minutes
December: Agenda, Minutes
January: Agenda, Minutes
February: Agenda, Minutes  
March: AgendaMinutes
April: AgendaMinutes
May: AgendaMinutes
June: AgendaMinutes

Executive Council Agendas & Minutes

7/28/15: AgendaMinutes
9/30/15: Agenda, Minutes
10/26/15: Minutes
11/23/15: Minutes
1/25/16: Minutes
2/23/16: AgendaMinutes
3/29/16: Minutes
4/25/16: Minutes
5/24/16: Minutes

Note: The EC supervises paid staff and per legal requirements, personnel issues are redacted from the posted minutes

Archived Documents

For Agendas and Minutes from previous years, click here. Archived versions of the GSA wiki are available through the UC Davis Web Archives Project.