Constitution & Bylaws

Current Governing Documents

  • Walker Hall Memorandum of Understanding MOU-1 
  • Walker Hall Auditorium Memorandum of Understanding MOU-2

Previous Versions

GSA Constitution: Amended 2016/05/04 Constitution-2016.pdf
GSA Constitution: Amended 2012/03/03 Constitution-2012.pdf
GSA Constitution: Amended 2008/12/03 constitution-2008.pdf

GSA Bylaws: Amended 2016/05/04 Bylaws-2016.pdf
GSA Bylaws: Amended 2015/04/01 Bylaws-2015.pdf
GSA Bylaws: Amended 2014/04/02 Bylaws-2014.pdf
GSA Bylaws: Amended 2011/06/01 Bylaws-2011.pdf
GSA Bylaws amended 2010/05/05 Bylaws-2010.pdf
GSA Bylaws: Amended 2009/04/01 Bylaws-2009.pdf