Elections for 2016-2017 Executive Council Officers!

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Interested in student government and making a little extra money? All of the GSA Executive Council positions will run for election at the May 4th General Assembly Meeting.  

To be eligible for an officer position, you must be in a GSA-represented graduate/professional program and be in good standing (e.g. GPA is 3.0 or above).

  • Chair and Vice Chair positions are compensated at $600/month and all the other positions are $500/month, this is on top of other university funding.
  • To nominate a person for a position, please email gsaelections@ucdavis.edu with their name, email, and position.
    • We will contact the nominee to ask them to accept their nomination
  • To self nominate, please email gsaelections@ucdavis.edu your name and position you are nominating for.

You must also be able to serve the entire term from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 to the best of your knowledge. Chair, Vice Chair, and External Chair serve an additional 6 months from July to December as ex-officio members of the Executive Council.

Open positions: Chair, Vice Chair, External Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Campus Organizing Director / IGPS Coordinator, and Public Relations Officer

If you are interested in the positions it is recommended that you email the current officer of each position.

Explanations of Positions:



  • Manage and lead GSA General Assembly
  • Represent the GSA in various stakeholder groups
  • Work with Campus Administration, UCOP, others on joint issues
  • Participate in campus committees
  • Chair standing committees per GSA by-laws
  • Manage GSA admin in day to day operations
  • Project manage GSA officers, including Chair work
  • Lead on initiatives of interest
  • On demand issues and asks
  • Some Travel required


  • Leadership, interpersonal skills, communication, writing
  • Manage teams, Robert’s rules
  • Organization
  • Project Management
  • Event planning
  • Budgeting

(Can learn these on the job- helpful if you have these already)

Yearly Calendar:

  • Any time: Committee meetings, administration meetings, Council of Student Body Presidents
  • Any time: Make decisions, complete asks, advocacy
  • Summer: Plan for the year, EC meetings, WOW events, learn job duties
  • Fall: GA meetings, Graduate Ally Coalition, chair initiatives, IGPS
  • Winter: GA Meetings, Chair initiatives, IGPS
  • Spring: GA meetings, Chair initiatives, Wrap and review for next year

Vice Chair


  • Assist the Chair in any duties that they need
  • Nominate students to Administrative Advisory, Academic Senate, and other Campus-wide committees
  • Committees
    • Chair Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students Committee
    • Chair Administrative Advisory Selection Committee
    • Ex-Officio Member of Graduate Council
  • First contact for graduate student grievances and solving them
  • Represent graduate students to the administration
  • Lead and/or participate in initiatives of interest


  • Leadership
    • Consensus Building
    • Committee Management
    • Running meetings
  • Organization and Communication
    • Active Listening
    • Multitasking
    • Task Management
  • Motivation to help fellow graduate students

Year round

  • Vice Chair initiatives
  • Campus Administration asks, including participation in committees
  • Manage GSA representative appointments to campus committees
  • Monthly: GA meetings
  • Monthly: GSA Executive Council Meetings

July – December

  • Follow-up on with Academic Senate and Administrative Advisory Committees

January – March

  • IGPS

April – June:

  • Administrative Committee GSA Rep appointments
  • Academic Senate GSA representative appointments
  • Wrap up and prep for incoming VC


External Chair


  • Advocate for graduate and professional students on state and federal levels
  • Serve as a liaison between various communities and groups on campus and in Davis
  • Serve on the board of the University of California Student Association (UCSA)
  • Representative for the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS)
  • Host events focused on legislation affecting graduate and professional students and increase student involvement (call-to-congress days, NAGPS national events, district office visits)
  • Serve on several boards and committees (vary year-to-year;), and work to develop external relations not just on state and federal levels, but with other university entities and graduate and professional-focused groups on campus and within the UC system


  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable with leadership, able to take initiative
  • Event planning and organizing
  • Able to travel several times throughout the academic year to conferences
  • Understand legislation and current events affecting graduate and professional students (loan and debt issues, UC system-wide policy and procedures. tuition, advocacy and awareness, diversity issues)

Yearly Calendar:

  • NAGPS LADs (Legislative Action Days) biannually – once in September and once in March
  • NAGPS Western Regional Conference – annually, rotating location at a university in the western U.S. usually held in spring
  • GSA E.C. meetings
  • GSA GA meetings – occur monthly
  • UCSA board meetings – occur monthly
  • UCSA Students of Color Conference – usually November
  • UCSA Student Lobby Conference and lead delegation- April
  • UCSA – UC Regents Meetings – quarterly
  • District Office Visits – as needed
  • Various meetings for different entities (with UC GSA’s or with administration, undergraduate student government, etc.) – throughout the year, usually on a quarterly basis
  • IGPS-related events (roundtable, tabling, etc.) – occurs annually, usually in April
  • WOW – graduate student orientation week and International graduate student orientation – occurs in late September, usually the last two weeks



  • Prepare and understand a budget for the year
  • Coordinate judging of travel awards
  • Calculating and disbursing Departmental fund
  • IGPS funding and budgeting
  • Making snarky comments at the GA meetings

Skills needed:

  • Excel (lots of it)
  • Mail merge (mega time saver)
  • Patience, saying NO
  • Organizing skills


  • Summer prepare budget
  • Fall begin gathering IGPS funds
  • Winter Travel award judging and departmental dispersal
  • Spring departmental dispersal, master judge at IGPS
  • End year Travel award judging and departmental dispersal, prepare preliminary budget for next year
  • Recurring: SSFAAC, represent grad students in getting a share of the Student Affairs pie; other committees that you find important
  • Executive council meetings, IGPS planning meetings, emails lots of emails



  • Record Minutes of all Executive Council (EC) meetings and General Assembly (GA) meetings
  • Distribute minutes to Representatives prior to each Assembly meeting
  • Make public and readily available all minutes and agendas on GSA website
  • Prepare and send out the weekly announcements
  • Serve as custodian and publisher of all Assembly documents
  • Correspond with representatives and EC about meetings, announcements, etc.
  • Chair the By-Laws committee


  • Typing and notekeeping

  • Word processor

  • Listserv management

  • Experience with wordpress

General outline of events for the year:

  • Attend GSA meeting and keep and distribute minutes

  • Attend/participate in any meetings/committees you sit on to represent GSA or EC

  • Attend EC meetings, keep and publish minutes

  • Prepare and send out weekly announcements (may be paused or changed to monthly for the summer months)

Campus Organizing Director and
IGPS Coordinator


  • Organize wellness events like Grad Yoga
  • Advocate for student wellness and welfare
  • IGPS Committee Chair & Coordinator


  • Networking – being able to each out to people.
  • Knowledge of campus centers, services, and resources. This includes directors and administrators.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign (can be acquired along the way).
  • Event planning.
  • Managing time lines.
  • Setting-up and maintaining a Smartsite.
  • Knowledge of Reprographics and Promoversity services.
  • Previous attendance to any professional conference is a plus!

Year Calendar:

  • June-August: Set annual yoga schedule.
  • October-December: Release IGPS applications, begin planning phase.
  • January-February: Begin gathering and/ or recruiting campus resources and partners for IGPS. Begin ordering supplies for IGPS. Hold information sessions (collaboration with GradPathways).
  • March: Crunch time: Abstract booklet, final preparations, Reprographics and ordering.
  • Spring Break: Work on all things IGPS.
  • April: IGPS!
  • May-June: Assist other EC members in organizing campus events.

Public Relations Officer


  • Coordinate and run the weekly Coffee, Bagel, Donut Day that occurs every Friday for a 2 hour duration, currently 8:30-10:30am
  • Order the monthly GA pizza
  • Appoint a PRO Deputy who helps with GA Events and CBDD
  • Coordinate and conducts social and volunteer events
  • Co-Organize Week of Welcome Large Events with Graduate Studies
  • Help maintain social media presence on Facebook
  • Help maintain the GSA website and Weeklies information


  • Communication skills particularly when dealing with vendors for the various events.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Event planning
  • Good networking skills and remembering lots of names
  • Organized, punctual, and easily accessible so as to coordinate the events as smoothly as possible
  • It is very helpful to have regular access to a car


  • September: Week of Welcome. This requires planning throughout the summer leading up to the event.
  • Every Quarter: CBDD. You must arrive at the GSA office approximately one hour early in order to allow the coffee makers full brew time.
  • Every Month: GA pizza order. This is once a month for the GA meeting and requires you to be early to the meeting for setup and pick up of pizza.
  • When possible: Aim to have a few events throughout the year. Bar night, Art Therapy, Zumba Classes, Graduate Student Mixers