Establishing California Residency

Last Updated 07/12/2018

Basic Information


Statement of Legal Residence (SLR)

  • Once you accept your offer of admission, you are required to complete a Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) to determine your residence status for purposes of tuition. All new students must complete an SLR. 
  • The online form will take you through a series of questions regarding you and your parents if you are under 24 years old. This information is used to determine whether you and your parents meet the requirements for California resident tuition as of the Residence Determination Date, which is the first day of instruction of the term.
  • Students who do not submit a Statement of Legal Residence will be automatically recorded as Nonresidents for purposes of tuition.
  • Please be advised that your Statement of Legal Residence may be selected for verification of the information you provided. Supporting documentation may be requested.
  • You are encouraged to read the instructions published on our web site before you complete the SLR.

Filing Instructions to Petition for Classification to Resident:

  1. Fee Payment Deadline. Look up the Fee Payment Deadline on the Academic Calendar of the term you are petitioning to change your residence status. You must file your online Petition for Classification to Resident Status during the filing period, and no later than the Fee Payment Deadline, of the term you are claiming resident status.
  2. Submit Petition. Complete the online Petition for Classification to Resident Status. Review your answers on the form before signing and finally submitting your online Petition.
  3. If you are under 24 years of age you may be asked to provided additional documentation regarding your parent(s). Please contact a Residence Deputy immediately after submitting your petition to discuss what supporting documentation will be required for your parent(s).
  4. Confirmation Number. The confirmation number of your Petition for Classification appears in the Confirmation Notice Notice sent to your UC Davis e-mail address after you submit your Petition online. Save the Confirmation Notice for your future reference and as proof that you filed your Petition.
  5. Document List in the Confirmation Email. All supporting documents must be uploaded to your petition for processing using the links provided in the Confirmation Notice. Upload all required supporting documents by following the instructions provided in your confirmation email. Petitions submitted with incomplete documentation will not be reviewed.
  6. UC Davis Email Notices. Check your UC Davis Email account regularly for notices regarding your Petition from the Residence Deputy.
  7. Check Petition Status Online. You may check the status of your Petition online anytime. See: Registrar Forms and Application Status

Incomplete Petitions:

  • Petitions submitted without all of the documents are considered Incomplete. Incomplete petitions will not be processed and will be closed. Additional documents will not be accepted after the 12th day of instruction unless you have requested an extension from a Residence Deputy. If you fail to provide any or all of your supporting documents by the 12th day of instruction, your petition will not be processed.

Key Contact

  • Residence Deputy (Barbara McLaughlin)
    Office of the University Registrar
    3100 Dutton Hall
    One Shields Ave
    Davis, CA 95616
    530-752-4749 or 530-752-5029

Supporting Documents

The residence deputy may ask you for the documents in addition to your SLR paperwork (NOTICE: be sure to remove your Social Security Number from supporting documents).

  • Driver’s licenses/ID cards
  • Tax returns
  • Vehicle, voter or selective service registration
  • California State social benefits eligibility
  • Employment or housing verification (e.g. lease agreement, TA offer letter, etc.)
  • Bank statements (to see that you have been physically present in CA for 366 days)

Some ways to establish intent

  • Remain in California when school is not in session.
  • Register to vote and vote in California elections.
  • Designate your California address as permanent on all school and employment records, including current military records.
  • Obtain a California driver’s license within 10 days of settling in California. (If you’ve never had a driver’s license in any state, then obtain a California identification card.)
  • If you have a car, obtain a California motor vehicle registration within 20 days of settling in California.
  • Work in California and file California resident income tax forms from the date of entry into the state. Income earned outside of California after that date must also be declared in California.
  • Establish and maintain active bank accounts in California banks and close out-of-state accounts.
  • Surrender all out-of-state identification (including driver’s license).
  • Establish a permanent home where your belongings are kept.
  • Obtain a license for professional practice in California.