Department Fund

The Department Fund was created to promote cultural and professional activities for all students within graduate programs and to encourage participation in the Assembly. The GSA budgets money each year to be distributed to graduate programs on a quarterly basis. This allocation is based upon the program size and the attendance of registered representatives from that program.

Programs are allowed one representative for every thirty enrolled students, or fraction thereof (i.e. departments of 1-30 get one rep, departments of 31-60 get two, etc.). Participation in any University Service also increases the amount allocated to that particular program. Please see the Constitution and Bylaws for further information on funding rules.

Funding Example

The Math department currently has 110 students, which means they are eligible to have 4 Program Representatives (1 Rep/30 students or fraction thereof).

Each Rep brings in $16 per assembly meeting attended, for a maximum of $64 per meeting.

There are 3 meetings each quarter, so meeting attendance provides the Math Graduate Student Organization (Galois Group) with $192 maximum per quarter.

If any Galois Group student participates in an eligible USIP avtivity that quarter (see above), this will also increase the amount received from the GSA. (USIP credits are a separately budgeted item, but the USIP monies earned by a department are generally dispersed in the same check as are department funds.)

After the GSA Treasurer disperses the representative-attendance portion of each quarter’s Department funds s/he divides the remaining funds among all of the departments that had representative attended at least half of Assembly meeting during the quarter. These funds are distributed on a per capita basis (based on the total number of registered graduate students in the departments that are eligible for remaining fund).

(The following example is outdated since we’ve updated our policy. New example coming soon.)

If there are 110 students in the Galois Group, 3918 students in the GSA, and $27,426 allocated for department funds for the year, and if approximately 70 registered representatives attend GSA meetings, on average during the quarter, then the Galois Group might expect to receive approximately $300 for the quarter.

$27,426 divided by 3 quarters per year is $9142 per quarter

70 representatives times three meetings per quarter is $210 for the representative attendance portion of the Department Fund

($9142 – $210 ) / 3918 = $2.28…

The Galois Group would thus receive $90 (assuming its three Reps each attended all three of the quarter’s Assembly meetings) plus around $250 (a per capita share in the funds remaining after rep-attendance funds are allocated).

For planning purposes, graduate groups should keep in mind that, if all all of their reps attend all of the Assembly meetings, no group will receive less than a per capita share in the Department Funds budget line. (For 2005-2006 the budget is based on 3918 graduate students and $7 per student for the total {annual} Department Funds line.)

To see if you are eligible to receive Department Funds, contact the GSA Treasurer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where are my Departmental Funds?

A: Departmental Funds are usually processed at the end of each quarter. The funds are deposited into your group’s agency account. Contact your graduate coordinator for information about setting up your agency account. Contact the GSA Office Coordinator if you have any additional questions.