Student Activism

The Student Activism Fund is a source of funding for graduate student-initiated activism projects of significant interest or value to graduate students across campus. The GSA budget allocates $3,500 each year for all such projects; the amount offered to any one project is limited to $500*.

Please read the following instructions:

1) Application Submission

To apply, submit the Student Activism Funding Application Form along with a one-page proposal to the GSA Public Relations Organizing Director ( The proposal must outline the project, budget, what sources of funding you currently have, who the project is meant to target, and what benefits it provides to graduate students. Please include contact information for the project organizers.

Please note the following: 

  • Applications and proposals are due at least six weeks prior to the event in order to allow adequate time for consideration by the GSA.
  • The applicant listed should also be the same person who will present the application to the General Assembly Meeting, submit the final reimbursements for the projects, and in charge of any additional communication with the GSA EC.
  • Examples of items that are reimbursable through the Student Activism Fund
    • Food
    • Facilities
    • Event and Advertising supplies
  •  Examples of items that are NOT reimbursable through the Student Activism Fund
    • Fellowships
    • Labor/stipend/payroll
    • Honorariums
    • Awards

Please fill out the Student Activism Funding Application Form: student-activism-fund-application-form3.

2) Approval Process

  1. The GSA Executive Council will meet to consider your proposal and, if necessary, gather additional information from you.
  2. If approved by the GSA Executive Council you will then present your project at the next GSA Assembly meeting.
    • Come prepared with a brief statement about your project and to answer any questions from the Assembly.
    • You will be informed of the meeting date and time.
  3. The GSA Assembly will make the final decision as to whether to fund your project.
  4. If your project is approved, a follow-up survey to gather reimbursement information will be emailed to the listed contact.

3). Reimbursement of Expenses

The GSA office will reimburse you for expenses associated with your project up to the amount of your award.

To be reimbursed, you must submit the following items to the GSA office coordinator in 253 South Silo ( within 21 days of your event:

  1. original ITEMIZED receipts,
  2. an attendance list,
  3. a flyer,
  4. an agenda, and
  5. receipts.
*actual amount is subject to change without notice. Please contact GSA Treasurer before submission.