Chancellor Search: Advisory Committee for Graduate Student Representative

The search for the Chancellor of UC Davis has begun. UC Regent policy, one graduate student will sit on the President’s Advisory Committee during the search process. The graduate student representative was appointed on August 31st. The graduate student will be responsible for listening to concerns from graduate students during this process and will update the General Assembly and the Executive Council.

The graduate student will also chair the Internal GSA Chancellor Search Advisory Committee. More information about this very important committee can be found here.

Why serve on a committee?

Committees represent a vital link between graduate students and campus governance. They grant students the opportunity to shape decisions that affect student life, including everything from the journals we have available at the library, to where we eat on campus, to how much we pay in fees. Serving on a committee can help you improve life on campus for yourself and for fellow graduate students. Committee service also allows you to gain valuable experience interacting with the university administration. Best of all, you can add committee work to the service section of your CV.

How to Apply

Please apply on the links below:

Academic Senate | Academic Advisory | System/Campus Wide | GSA Internal

For more information, contact the GSA Vice Chair.

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