Graduate Student Funding Initiative


The GSA Fee has been the same since 2002.  We’ve been slowly running out of money, cutting programs and reducing budgets for years.  It is time to bring the GSA Fee back up to historical levels.  The plan is simple: use the CPI to retroactively adjust the 2002 level to today’s dollars in real terms.  This will turn the $12/quarter figure into $17.40/quarter, accounting for CPI and Return To Aid.  This will allow the GSA to better serve the graduate student community.

Please review the power point presentation embedded below for more detailed information.

Steps to make this happen:

1) Present to the the GA, get approval to proceed (Oct GA meeting)

2) Repeat Step 1. (Nov GA meeting)

3) Present to COSAF for ballot language input.

4) Present to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, receive input.

5) VCSA forwards to Campus Council (Legal), they recommend changes as necessary.

7) Publicize! Remind everyone to VOTE!

8) Grad students vote in late Winter