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ASUCD-UCD GSA Joint Housing Task Force: Students at the University of California at Davis are facing a housing crisis on campus and in the community. Increasingly housing insecurity is a problem facing all students, undergraduate, graduate, and staff members. Rental vacancy rates in the city of Davis are at all-time lows of 0.2% and now a significant majority, 70%, of UC Davis graduate students are “rent burdened” as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Housing availability and affordability directly reduces that ability of UC Davis to retain its students due to increasing costs to attend. Additionally, more and more students every day are forced to move out of the city of Davis because of a lack of affordable housing options causing increasing traffic, pollution, and greenhouse gas emission.

In response to the housing crisis both GSA and ASUCD passed a resolution to form the “Joint ASUCD-UCD GSA Housing Task Force”. The Housing Task Force is a student lead and organized group focused on identifying the causes and potential solutions to begin to resolve the housing crisis facing the student community. [The] Housing Task Force will be researching the various causes of the housing crisis and its impact on current and future students. Potential solutions to alleviate this crisis will also be investigated.

If you are interested in serving on the committee please visit the following link for more information: