Grievance Resolution

Having a Problem?

Do you have an unresolved issue with a professor, advisor, fellow student, or staff member? The GSA may be able to help.

The GSA provides grievance assistance to graduate students on campus. The GSA’s Internal Vice President is happy to help grads navigate the thorny interpersonal issues that sometimes arise during graduate study as well as the seemingly daunting university bureaucracy. Email if you are interested in learning more.


The Internal Vice President can:

  • Strategize with you and help you select an effective course of action to resolve your grievance.
  • Identify resources on- and off-campus that can provide you with support.
  • Advocate on your behalf to the university administration if you wish for them to do so.

We approach all issues with confidentiality. Email if you are interested in learning more.

Looking for a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal problem-solving and conflict management resource? Contact UCD Office of the Ombuds – (530) 219-6750

If you prefer to talk to a faculty member you can contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Students, J.P. Delplanque (

If you have a concern regarding accessibility or suspected disability discrimination please contact our ADA Compliance Officer ( – (530) 752-9466

Looking to get advice from the UC Student-Workers Union? Contact a Davis union officer ( – (510) 549-3863

Want to put the university on notice? File a Whistleblower Report


Graduate Program Review (Link)

  • The purpose of Graduate Program Review is to promote excellence in graduate programs at UC Davis. The review, conducted by the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate, is an opportunity for programs to evaluate past achievements, current status, and future directions related to graduate education.
  • Graduate Council Schedule of Program Review 2017-2024 (PDF)



UAW Local 2865, the UC Student-Workers Union is the union that represents over 17,000 Academic Student Employees—Teaching Assistants (TAs), Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), Readers, and Tutors—at the University of California. The Union negotiates a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or contract, that sets the base-level pay, benefits, and rights and protections of every Academic Student Employee (ASE) at the University of California. Over the years, the union has worked to win many of the benefits we now enjoy, from full in-state tuition remission to health insurance and the childcare subsidy.



Know your rights

The GSA offers free legal consultations for graduate students. Contact Attorney Ava Landers with subject line “Legal Services for Graduate Students” to schedule your consultation.

Also see: the UC Davis School of Law currently operates five clinics: the Immigration Law Clinic, the Civil Rights Clinic, the Prison Law Clinic, the Family Protection and Legal Assistance Clinic, and the Aoki Social Justice Clinic.