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The UC Davis Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents the over 5,000 academic graduate students and management students on the [WWW]UC Davis campus. As the officially recognized student government, we serve to empower students and build graduate student community through activities and advocacy. See the Government page for information on the Executive Council actions, GSA Committees, Campus committees where graduate students have representation, and more. Our monthly General Assembly Meetings include over 125 designated representatives from most graduate groups, programs and some professional schools. Join us the first Wednesday of each month to engage pressing issues and concerns, foster scholarly collaboration and promote graduate student community events (see the Government tab above).

This site is actually a wiki, which means that you can add news and events to our site. You can even create pages for your Departmental GSAs. For more information, see our Help page or read the GSA Wiki Guide.

What's New?

The current GSA Executive Council for the 2013 - 2014 Academic Year includes:
Chair: Elena Atanasiu, Spanish and Portuguese
External Chair: Eliot Crafton, Ecology
Vice Chair: Abram Jones, Education
Treasurer: Ralph McNeilage, BMCDB
Secretary: Destanie Rose, Immunology
Campus Organizing Director: Elisa Oceguera, Cultural Studies
Public Relations Officer:Peter Narby, Soils & Biogeochemistry

The 2014-2015 Elected GSA Executive Council includes:
Chair: - Open (To be determined in a fall election)
External Chair: Piper Milton, Art History
Vice Chair: Erica Vonasek, Biological Systems Engineering
Treasurer: Ralph McNeilage, BMCDB
Secretary: Destanie Rose, Immunology
Campus Organizing Director: Robyn Jimenez, Genetics and Genomics
Public Relations Officer:Kristen Keach, Art History

Research Funding Opportunities Database

RefWorks-COS a division of ProQuest has put together a database of research funding opportunities, both private and public, for all disciplines. UC Davis library account holders can access the database at [WWW] Happy hunting.

Details of this year's UCSHIP Health Insurance Plan

Find more info on this page: [WWW]

Spring Coffee Bagel Donut Day

The largest Graduate Student social gathering will resume on January 10! Location: GSA Office in the South Silo Time: 9am-11am. Come early, we tend to run out of food quickly! Bring your own mug and enter a raffle to win a $5 gift card to Peet's Coffee and Tea! It's FREE!

GSA Re-usable Mugs

New stainless steel GSA Travel Mugs are currently available for $5 each at the GSA office. We also have free plastic mugs for graduate students! Stop by during normal office hours or come by this fall on Friday mornings between 9 am and 11 am for Coffee Bagel Donut Day! Get yourself a mug, then fill it with coffee and grab something to eat while socializing with other graduate students, all in one visit!

The Pantry Supports Students in Need

The mission of The Pantry is to aid UC Davis students in their pursuit of a higher education by ensuring that no student ever has to miss a meal or go without basic necessities due to financial reasons. Their goals are to provide non-perishable, high protein food for UC Davis students struggling to pay for meals and to provide UC Davis students with basic necessities such as toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, etc. in order to live a dignified life while working to obtain a UC Davis degree. It is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Having a problem with a professor, adviser, fellow student, or staff member? The GSA may be able to help.

The GSA provides Grievance Assistance to graduate students on campus. The GSA's Vice Chair is happy to help grads navigate the thorny interpersonal issues that sometimes arise during graduate study as well as the seemingly daunting university bureaucracy. Email if you are interested in learning more.

News and Events


Today's Events

For upcoming events check out the Events Board. If you know of any events, or to create one of your own, post them at the bottom of the Events Board page!

Featured Program

The English department offers a wide range of courses—small and large, introductory and advanced, undergraduate and graduate. All of the department's courses focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading, interpretation, and writing. Ranging from Anglo-Saxon texts to works written in English across the globe today, from epic to film, graphic novels, and sound poetry, English courses cast a wide net in order to expand and deepen our understanding of what counts as "English literature." Visit the English website at ([WWW]

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