Committees of the Graduate Student Association

Committee membership is vital to the representation of graduate students on campus. Many of these committees make direct actions or recommendations to the administration that can potentially impact the whole of campus and graduate student life. Most of the committee membership is handled by the Internal Vice President, though several of the internal committees are managed by their respective Executive Council member.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the University of California’s faculty government. Through the Senate, faculty work in partnership with the administration to govern and fulfill UC’s missions of teaching, research, and public service. Descriptions for each Academic Senate committee position can be found below.

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on committees in the Academic Senate. Please contact the GSA Internal Vice President ( if you have any questions about these committees.

A full list of the committees and their descriptions can be found here.

Campus Wide

These committees often appear out of a need on campus, whether it be associated with the students, infrastructure, or an ancillary aspect of campus life. 

Examples of Campus Wide committees include: UCSHIP (Student Health Insurance Program) Advisory, Police Accountability Board, Campus Council for Information Technology, and Classroom Technology Advisory Group.

You can also direct your questions regarding graduate student positions for UC Davis campus-wide committees to the GSA Internal Vice President (


Elections Committee

This committee is chaired by a member of the executive council and is comprised of 5 members. The Elections Committee is responsible for running the May Executive Elections as well as any other major electoral process, which could include referenda.

Members include: 

  • Jonathan Minnick
  • Tez Stair
  • Paul Engle
  • Katy Shea
  • Lindsay Felth

Presidential Advisory Committees

The President and both Vice Presidents have their own advisory committees. Calls for committee membership opens at the beginning of the academic year and will be announced by the respective chairs. These committees are designed to assist the presidents in their advocacy and representation. 

Treasurer's Committees

The treasurer has several committees pertaining to allocating GSA resources and evaluating travel award applications. If you would like to be a member of any of the treasurer's committees, reach out to them directly (