Coffee Bagel Donut Day

Fridays 8:30am-10:30am during the academic school year!

Coffee Bagel Donut Day (CBDD) is a very popular weekly event hosted by the Public Relations Officer. Come enjoy free coffee, bagels and donuts. All bagels and donuts are vegan, apart from the pizza bagels.

Where? In the South Silo 253 (click for a map), The South Silo is a tad behind the main Silo and very close to the Bike Barn. It’s a long building that also houses the Craft Center. If it seems a bit sketch and you’re walking up a stairwell where there are cobwebs and a motion-activated light, you’re in the right place.



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It is a great opportunity to eat some free food, socialize with fellow graduate students, and play a round of Foosball.



CBDD Presents Series:

UC Davis Distinguished Faculty, Staff, and Guests

October 15th: CBDD Presents Diversity Officers Steve Lee & Josephine Moreno

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.15.49 AM.png

November 13th: CBDD Presents Associate Dean Jean-Pierre Delplanque

January 29th: CBDD Presents Internship and Career Center Gwynn Benner


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February 19th: CBDD Presents Foresight Engine

Envision UC Davis: A Foresight Engine Game February 24-25, 2016. The intention of this set of tweets is to give UC Davis staff key messages to work with in your outreach efforts for the Foresight Engine game. These exemplify the spirit of fun and open invitation that we will consistently voice throughout the game February 24-25th. Questions or feedback? Contact Rachel at

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March 4th: CBDD Presents Dean of Graduate Studies Jeff Gibeling

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Are you getting enough food? Is your budget really tight?

You might want to check out CalFresh: